Parcel Force are incompetent, who’d have guessed

Just  when I thought I couldn’t find another incompetent company, along came the morons at Parcel Force. I ordered an electrical item online last week and missed the delivery at home. I was left with a Parcel Force card saying that my item was in Manchester sorting office, which was miles away from where I live so I phoned them up.

This is where the fun starts. I went through the worst voice recognition software program I’ve ever experienced, it was so bad I was convinced that it was a Fonejacker call. “Please say your house number”

Seventeen… “You said… Sixteen… is this correct?”

Fuck me.

I eventually got through to a human and was assured that my parcel would be delivered to my local Post Office for the next day so I could collect it on Saturday, just now. Guess what? That’s right, it wasn’t there.

I just telephoned them again and some obnoxious Manc woman told me that my parcel hadn’t been sent anywhere and they had no record of my calling them.

Again, this is why I record my phone calls.

She said she could get it sent to my Post Office for Monday, which of course as I WORK is no use to me. That’s why I called them last week so I could collect it today.

I asked if I could have it sent to my work, but alas they won’t send it to an SK10 postcode.

Finally she assured me that a supervisor would phone me on Monday. I seriously doubt that, but we’ll have the old phone recording software on standby just in case.

As for the parcel, I doubt I’ll get that in time for Christmas now. Unlucky, but not unexpected.

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2 thoughts on “Parcel Force are incompetent, who’d have guessed”

  1. Shockingly Parcel Force didn’t phone me today so I’ll be calling them tomorrow, extremely angrily. I’ll record it, and if I see fit upload it here.

    They have no idea what they’re in for.

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