Pimp versus Karate expert

This is one of the great battles of our time. What happens when a pimp, after smacking up one of his bitches, then takes on a bystander who happens to be a Karate expert.

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66 thoughts on “Pimp versus Karate expert”

  1. [..YouTube..] Love how people hate pimps but not the hookers. I guess it’s because they’re men and people have a certain hatred toward men. The hookers do this by choice.

  2. [..YouTube..] I disagree. The karate guy was within his rights to defend himself. He should have finished the job and sent that pimp out on a guerney.

  3. [..YouTube..] Hookers do this by choice? Thats hilarious. Most of these women get strung out on some drug usually supplied by their pimp and then forced into prostitution to supply their habit. They’re beaten, tortured, degraded on a constant basis, so that they crush their self esteem. I worked on a prostitution sting in Minne and I tell you its not a profession of choice. There may be some free lancers, but not many. It’s a terrible business. Legal prostitution would be better. At least it’s regulated.

  4. Volmike54 is a racist retard. Go crawl back in your cave, and leave computer use to those with a functioning brain.

  5. What isn’t shown here is the first part where the guy is smacking the dumb ass hooker around. The guy was aggressive, commiting assault. His intent to inflict harm was demonstrated by his earlier battery. This is defense of another and necessary force to prevent harm. The black belt did not chase this guy. The guy came after him and got his just rewards.

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