Phillip Schofield calls out MrDaz

Last Friday I travelled down to London for a filming of the gameshow The Cube, hosted by the silver fox himself; Phillip Schofield. While there, sat on the front row might I add, Schofe (as he likes to be known on Twitter) asked that any audience members who had an Internet enabled mobile and a Twitter account tweet at him, and he’d read them out.

The Cube

Well, I couldn’t resist an invitation like that so I did. The trouble was, as the Silver Fox is so popular on Twitter it was hard for him to find tweets at him from people who were there in the audience, as opposed to just random tweets telling him how great he was, or how much someone loved him.

Nevertheless he found one from an audience member, MisterDaz 😉

It’s a shame I didn’t record it with the phone too, as having Phillip Schofield announce MrDaz would have made a great video for the site. I’ll know for next time.

As for the show, it was a celebrity episode with Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley Cropper) from Coronation Street. I won’t tell you how well she did, because that would spoil it, but she was a lot of fun!

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