Awoken by Virgin Media Complaints Feedback


I was rather abruptly awoken this morning by the phone ringing (a very loud phone at that) which caused me to jump up believing I’d overslept and was late for work. I was sure I’d answer the phone and be questioned about my tardiness.

But no. When I picked up the phone I heard a beep, before a recorded voice stated something along the lines of:

“Hello. You recently contacted Virgin Media to make a complaint. We would like you to give feedback about…”

I hung up. I was not late for work. I had not overslept. My alarm was not due to sound for another 30 minutes.

So Virgin Media (NTL in disguise), you want feedback do you? Here’s some feedback; don’t call me early in the morning, with a recorded message, asking for feedback on a previous complaint. It might, and say might, not have been quite so bad had the call been from a real live human being, as opposed to a pre-recorded track played down the phone. However it wasn’t. You woke me, with no thought for how it would impact on my day, and you couldn’t even be arsed to have one of your own staff do it – you instead had a soulless machine do it for you, while you lay in bed dreaming of profits.

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with your infernal robotic voices when we call you for assistance, trying in vain to get our TV to show on-demand at peak times, only to be placed on hold for Christ knows how long. Now you have your damn recorded messages calling us at all sodding hours of the day to extract some form of automated revenge on customers who have shown the audacity to make a complaint in the first place.

Virgin Media! You have the impertinence to call me with a robotic sounding message in the small hours of the day! You have started a war you cannot win sirs, I assure you of this!

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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5 thoughts on “Awoken by Virgin Media Complaints Feedback”

  1. Now that’s not good – apologies for that. Do you mind e-mailing in some account details so I can get this investigated and we can get the policy reviewed? The posting address I have used with this post is valid.

    Many thanks

    Customer Experience
    Virgin Media

  2. how weird that you got a response from virgin directly! We have been having similar problems with virgin!

  3. I came across your website while seething over the fact that the Inland Revenue has a ‘payment helpline’ which spends a good five minutes telling you that your stupid and pointless question will probably be answered on the website. Oh and your call will be recorded, before then saying that everyone is busy so fuck off. And then I listened to your 4.17 call which made me laugh muchly.

    Ah Virgin. I suppose you know they have an anti-virus system which for some reason thinks that Outlook is a virus and promptly quarantines it! And Virgin knew about this and never alerted customers to this teeny problem.

    I hope Richard Branson chokes on his breakfast pineapple.

  4. Same as above , telephone call early in the morning ( first sick day in 7 yrs). , I called virgin who said there is nothing they could do about it, because the system is automated.

  5. Virgin don’t record all calls? On phone for over 2.5 hours yesterday… and such shoddy customer service…. India call centre three times. hung up on once after a cpl minutes.. hung up on by a manager.. hung up on after being transferred to another manager to complain about the first one and the fact my power levels have been over 58 for 6 weeks with continuous drops outs left right and centre.

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