My car has been fixed!

I arrived home today at 6:05pm to be greeted with the sight I never thought I’d see. My BMW Z3 sat on a flat bed outside my house. It has now, after 17 months, been fixed.

I’m in too much shock to post up a full review of my emotions and feelings towards all of this, and how it has affected me over the last year and a half. I’ll give a detailed summary tomorrow.

But for now, my car, my pride and joy, has been returned to me.

I need a drink.

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3 thoughts on “My car has been fixed!”

  1. Sadly my initial optimism has been somewhat deflated. Having looked at the car this morning in the light, and without the pissing rain, I can see the door hasn’t been done. There is still a big bloody mark on it.

    RSA phoned today and I told them that the door still needed doing, so they said due to cost they wouldn’t pay to pick the car up again. Instead I’d have to take it to a body shop and get a quote. No problem, the Bentley body shop is opposite my house. I’ll take it there.

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