RSA still have work to do

Today I sold my Celica, which was a big leap of faith because it means I’m having to use the Z3 which hasn’t been fully fixed. For some reason when BMW repaired the bodywork they neglected to fix the door. Why? Guess they missed it.

I’ve told RSA and they said to get it quoted on and they’d pay for it. Fine.

However today, after selling the Celica, I tried to drive the BMW. Not a frickin’ jot from it. Flat, dead, lifeless.

I called the AA and they looked at the car, performed a test on the battery and found it was leaking power. Seems the battery was completely useless and needed replacing. Also, the connections were loose which showed it had been jump started recently. By BMW perhaps to get it on the flatbed?

So I’ve just spent a further £80 on a new battery with the AA, which of course had this car been fixed in July 2006 when it was RSA’s responsibility to do so I wouldn’t have needed to. Being sat idle for 17 months takes its toll.

Guess I need to phone RSA again on Monday and get them to pay for this as well.

I hope this is the last of it, I really do.

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4 thoughts on “RSA still have work to do”

  1. Unfortunately things like batteries are wear items. They also deteriorate over time. Newer cars always require some power to keep things like clocks running. Over time the power will slowly fade away. When the battery gets too flat, its often impossible to recharge. You can try shocking them, and they will take a charge, but more often than not its replace.

    The best thing to do, is if its parked for an extended period of time , is to disconnect a battery terminal. Not much good to you now, but for future reference.

  2. Hi Sean, yeah I realise that batteries come under natural wear and tear and will deteriorate over time, especially as the car was sat idle for 17 months. The reason RSA will have to pay for it though is that they should have fixed the car 17 months ago, so they’re the reason it’s been sat idle all that time.

  3. You should probably check the oils and other fluids in the car. After leaving it idle for so long. 🙂 I own a Celica too.. but its an old model.. you probably have the newer model. Anyway i just dropped by for the Entrecard.. Have a great day and goodluck with your Z3 🙂

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