HDNL driver to customers: Stop sitting on your arse ordering stuff with your benefits

Considering the problems this website has reported with Home Delivery Network over the years, you’d think the company would have taken note by now and told its staff to stay off here and stop insulting customers. But no. We’ve just had a massive rant from a delivery driver who seems intent on accusing customers of ordering stuff with their benefit money and running up lines of credit, and being too lazy to even answer the door.

Read this open letter to HDNL customers from one of their delivery drivers. Makes you proud to be British.

From: Annominous

I am a Delivery Driver for HDNL and I have to say that after reading these comments I can assure you that for every complaint you have for us as drivers, We have a complaint for you as customers,

I have just returned from working yet another 13 hour day where I endevour to ensure my van is empty on the return to the depot. We are under immence time pressure day in, day out. If your parcel is due to be delivered on a particular day then it is only fair to ask that you are in to recieve the parcel. When you are not in, usual proceadure is that we will try to leave it with a neighbour, yet we do not have time to be wondering up and down your street knocking on every door until a neighbour answers and is prepared to accept your parcel.

If we cannot leave it with a neighbour then we will return your parcel to the depot and schedule it for delivery another day. this is known as carry over.

Yet you do not seem to understand that this parcel is an addition to the parcels that need to be delivered on the particular day.

If you are not in to recieve the parcel, and you have no neighbours that are in either. then where we deem it safe to do so we will leave it in a place where you can get it, such as behind a locked side gate, shed, or other place out of public view. If you order a parcel knowing that you are not going to be in we try our best to get it to you,

As for the driver who threw your parcel over the fence and it landed in a puddle. I can only say we cannot see through fences, yet if you have ordered something and you know your not going to be in, surely common sence would dictate that you leave the side gate unlocked so that we can access a safe place at the rear of your property so that we can leave your parcel somewhere sheltered.

We as Drivers have our gripes as well. We dont bitch off it about it when we have rung your doorbell and you seem to think we have all day just to stand until you decide to answer.

We dont whinge, when you know a deliver driver is at your door and you answer it. Yet you seem to forget that your item needs signing for and you decide to spend the next five minutes looking for your glasses.

We do not complain when you have ordered items that are of a bulky nature such as flat pack wardrobes and you expect us to drag them through your house to the back room even though we are not inssured to do so.

And for all those who are sat at home on your arses. ordering stuff on the never never because your benefits do not enable you to pay for things outright. We are the Mugs who are out there working and paying taxes that enable you to do so.

If we come to your door and we are not prepared to carry bulky items up your stairs and place them where you want them. By all means spit your dummies out and say you dont want them. We will just press a button that says you have refused the item. No skin off our nose. The company still gets paid for the attempted delivery. And when you re order the comapny will get paid again.

And as for those of you who have the cheek to say that delivery drivers are of little inteligence we welcome you to try and do our jobs for a day. Perhaps then you will appreciate the stress and hard work we go through to get your package to your door. If you can say that you know where every street in your town is situated, and you can come to work at 6am spend two to three hours organising a route around your town, organising where the parcels are situated on the van, and visit in excess of 130 separate addresses per day your more than welcome to try.

When Xmas comes and your all sat at your computers ordering your presents, just remember that we dont even get the time to do any shopping or indeed have a xmas at all. We are out in all weathers 12-13 hours a day busting our balls to try and get your presents to you.

Fact is, HDNL is probably the biggest residential delivery service in the UK. We have contracts with some of the largest online and high street retailers in the UK and we continue to gain further contracts all the time. There is a reason for this. And all of you who say that HDNL are crap quite frankly, your just pissing into the wind. You are a small minority in amoungst millions of satisfied customers.

As for our level of intelligence, We work hard !!! Long hours !!! We do not sit inside nice warm offices day in, day out pushing pens looking at a little drizzle outside and complaining about it. We do not work to set hours.

The lengh of our working day is seriously affected by those of you who order things knowing your are not going to be in or taking an eternity to answer your doors. It takes intelligence to plot a route, Manage time, drive safely and adhere to strict security proceadures. It takes intelligence to maintain a daily delivery target despite the many obstacles that are placed in our path.

So for all of you feel the need to bitch on forums or blogs such as this all we can say is that we do our best but as with everything else, you cant please everybody. All I ask is that you have some consideration for the hard work we endure getting your parcels to you. And for those of you who have complained, One day in the job, would completly reverse your opinions of the job we do, I guarantee it.

Sorry if my English is slightly substandard, I can assure you that it is not becuase I am of little inteligence. but that it is because I started work at 6am this morning, I arrived home at 9pm tonight. I have it all to do again tommorow and I am truly knackered.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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68 thoughts on “HDNL driver to customers: Stop sitting on your arse ordering stuff with your benefits”

  1. Dear HDNL delivery driver,

    You’re absolutely right. I don’t have to slog packages up the drive in the pouring rain because I PAID ATTENTION AT SCHOOL and got a job building the websites that people use to order the parcels that you deliver, thus ensuring that you continue to be employed.

    Here’s a clue: if you don’t like your job, get another. Don’t blame your customers, you whining fucking bitch.

  2. Even after the driver’s post there are still people windging on here. I’m past retirement age now and in all my life I have had only one item go missing. Be it private companies or Royal Mail or Parcel Force everything I have ever ordered has been delivered quickly and efficiently. So well done to all the drivers out there and I hope you’re not too knackered to enjoy Christmas. Thank you.

  3. Waited for my parcel all day yesterday only to find on the amazon tracking that at 3.57 it said attempted delivery card with contact details left with customer. There was no attempted delivery nor was there a card left with contact details. What sort of service is that! Pile of crap!

  4. You have got to be kidding me!!!! I have sat at work until after 6 on a Friday night at work waiting for 6 guaranteed delivery packages, I am now sitting waiting alone in the office on Christmas Eve for the same packages!!!! You are doing a substandard job, not you personally but HDNL, I have placed over 120 items from amazon this year at a cost of nearly £7k and the only deliveries that have been late have been HDNL!!! Amazon need to sort this and dump HDNL they area total joke!!!

  5. If we doesn’t like being a van driver, he should have listened more at school and perhaps not only his prospects would have been better, but his grammar and spelling too.

  6. Judging by both the comments from Customers and the inept and unprofessional remarks from HDNL’s delivery drivers, it comes as no surprise that HDNL have failed twice to deliver my parcels over the last week. All marked as delivered when tracked via Amazon, yet no card or note to say where the items are. Amazon then resend only to find a repeat performance by HDNL.

    Don’t get me wrong here, but I could swear ‘Delivery’ is mentioned in your company name. On all occasions I have made sure I have been at home for the delivery.

    Congratulations for failing, and losing over £500 worth of items…twice.

    As the Driver’s comments above were posted years ago, it wouldn’t shock me to hear if he is now running the depot measured on their current performance.

    Perhaps HNDL should replace all their staff by a rampaging troop of chimpanzees. Your productivity would treble!

  7. Delivery driver sounds like a complete scrote…

    Anyway ….I’m just straight up refusing to use any company that delivers with yodel this company has got me saying ‘aww Royal Mail weren’t that bad 🙁 sorry guys’ lol

    Boycott it…..I’m sorry but I refuse to pay for premium delivery and then have it delivered a week later

  8. My issue is what happens after a failed collection. The card said will return next day to collect but no attempt made. Next I rang the auto answer service (0800 number) on 2 days running selecting a collection date but no attempt made. Next I went on to their web site and 2 days running the computer acknowledged my entry with the message that my request had been accepted but again nothing.

    Problem is there is no human being to talk to (obviously to save money) so a state of impasse exists.

  9. As an Ebay seller, I tend to sympathise with the driver to some extent. I keep track of items in transit, and contact buyers when I see a ‘failed delivery’ update. I advise them that they will be responsible for further charges if they manage to miss the re-delivery. All too often, the response is along the lines of (“I was in most of the time”, “couldn’t they leave it with a neighbour?” etc. So I agree with the driver that, all too often, buyers don’t take appropriate responsibility for their deliveries. (For the rest of the rant, he’s on his own!)

  10. Delivery driver complete t***!!!! Hasn’t it occurred to the idiot that the reason the majority of people aren’t in to recieve their parcels is because they are AT WORK!!!!!
    As for crying about his long hours………. My heart really bleeds for them, they should be paid millions for they’re half arsed efforts! It’s the same for every hard working honest person everywhere in every job matey!!
    As for Yodel, don’t touch them. Complete waste of space. Clearly not just the drivers but from the very top of the company to bottom!!

  11. Obviously not all drivers are the same. If your one that does your job correctly, then good on you. But dont try to defend all delivery drivers. From the ones who couldnt give a flying fuck about your package and simply throws it on his shoulder then throws it in the van after failing to collect it on a Friday morning but instead come on fucking MONDAY with an attitude. Monday, BTW when it should have been delivered, NOT collected. Or how about the wankers who do the fake “failed delivery” bullshit on tracking sites, or post cards quietly through your door and sneak aways because they cant find your parcel?? And when you catch them they say sorry mate your parcel is back in the depo!!!?? Wankers!! Or how about taking a price for a service then not delivering on it (literally) then saying, yeah it can take longer sooo…… Well, delivery companys… I reckon if you fail to deliver on schedule, you should be fucking obligated to refund the postage cost. Customers couldnt really give a shit for the most part if your bosses pressure you or have thier hand up your arse – thats for your and you workmates to sort and stand up to these pricks!! Ours (the customer) is to pay, which we do, YOUR is to deliver.

  12. According to the tracking information the parcel was delivered by HDNL at 14;55. Considering that I have been here all day from 0700 until now 18:20 it seems rather strange that the tracking claims to have left the package at my address (which is correct on the Amazon website) and it is nowhere to be seen. It’s not small either, 40″ TV. Told Amazon to abandon this courrier in N.I.
    Feel sorry for genuine delivery people in the company with blatant liars like this!

  13. Norm, they’ve let you out of your cage! Better hurry back, they’ll be throwing in the slops before nightfall and you don’t want to lose out to the other baboons.

  14. The famous Mr” Dopey Daz”who complains about HDNL/Yodel on Amazon, now says he’s a driver haha,go and get a life ya fucking weapon.

  15. I realise reading isn’t your strong point Norm, what with you only acquiring the skill this week, but I never said I ‘was a driver’. For fuck’s sake, my LinkedIn profile is top right on this site. Have a go at reading that ya clusterfuck.

  16. What a nazi you are. I drive big rigs all my life and done your job You piece of shit. Just like your service!!!!! You hate poor and disabled people? I’m disabled and a human rights activist with two degrees and a PhD intimately smarter than a tosser like you. I’m sending your comments to your manager at HDNL and to Amazon!!!! You are not fit to be in contact with people.

  17. Oh yes tosser before I forget!!!!! ANONYMOUS is the correct spelling. If you paid attention in school it clearly wasn’t in English!!!!!

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