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My car is now being worked on at BMW Bluebell

I just heard from Deborah in the Bristol office of Royal & SunAlliance. It seems the engineer for RSA isn’t going to be looking at my car today, he’s going to do it tomorrow. After all, I’ve waited 16 months why rush. That seems to be their policy. He has however authorised BMW to repair the ariel on the car and to change the lockset, which they should be doing now.

I never actually heard from RSA as to why they’ve reversed their decision on changing the lockset to my car as all along for the past 6 months they’ve insisted they won’t be paying to change the locks, then suddenly they changed their mind.

No doubt the coverage they’ve received on played some part in their ‘about face’ ;).

RSA Payout!!!

After 16 months of trying, and some considerable blame dodging from RSA, I have finally had a cheque from Royal & SunAlliance to compensate me for the items stolen from my car.

Why did this take 16 months? Who knows. Anyway, my car has today been picked up again and taken to BMW Hanforth, where hopefully they’ll be able to put right what once went wrong in a Sam Beckett sort of way.

Here’s a photo of me with the cheque. You can feel my sense of disbelief that this has all happened.

RSA said they couldn’t be bothered to pick my car up

I just spoke to Deborah again at Royal & SunAlliance and asked why my car hadn’t been picked up last night. Well, she did what all RSA employees do and apologised to me again.


She said she left a message for one of her colleagues to call the recovery firm last evening at 5:30 to arrange the pick up of my car, but they didn’t bother. She had no excuse, just that they hadn’t done it.

I suppose that’s refreshing in itself, if not still annoying. I told her I wasn’t surprised as I had been waiting 16 months (coming up for 17 months now) for my car to be fixed so I didn’t really expect them to turn up. She had now arranged for my car to be picked up Saturday between 10:00am and 11:00am.

Place your bets now.

RSA Fail again

Would you Adam and Eve it? Deborah from Royal & SunAlliance assured me today that their recovery team would show up this evening to pick up my car and take it to BMW Stockport to be quoted on, and subsequently repaired. I was told that they’d be at my house some time after 6:00pm.

Guess what? That’s right, despite me waiting in all night they never showed up. Further more I never received a call explaining why, or even letting me know they wouldn’t show up.

I guess I can’t be surprised at this as after all RSA have let me down continuously for 16 months. I suppose I just naively expected them to actually do what they claimed they would this time.

Maybe they’ll have answers tomorrow as to why no one bothered to show up, despite me waiting for them. Maybe they’ll have answers as to why no one called me, despite me waiting for them. Maybe they’ll have answers as to why my car hasn’t been fixed when it’s now November 15th 2007 and it was originally stolen in July 2006.

I doubt it, but we’ll keep on persevering eh?

RSA Sack 10 employees over Bart Sex Scandal

As if spending all of their time on wasn’t enough, it seems Royal & SunAlliance employees have a penchant for Simpsons related pornography.

This story was dug out on the Register from 2001 where RSA suspended 77 employees for forwarding emails containing Bart Simpson porn, and then 10 of those employees were sacked from their jobs.

I can’t say I’m surprised at this. Again people from RSA, less time browsing Simpsons porn and more time fixing my car!

RSA kick me off their Facebook group

Much as I predicted last week when I joined RSA’s Head Office Facebook group, they’ve tightened it up a bit. To be honest I thought they’d shut it down altogether, but instead they’ve booted me out and made it invite only. Previously they let anyone in, which is why I joined and posted on their wall.

They now have no wall. Aww, doesn’t seem much point having it anymore.

Anyhow, here’s the screenshot of the now Mr Daz FREE Facebook group.


My Z3 arrives in Manchester

You couldn’t make this up. My Z3 was picked up this morning by RSA and due to be taken to Lloyds Autobody in Manchester. When I left work at 5:45 the car hadn’t arrived so RSA were going to check tomorrow and let me know then.

Well… on the way out to the cinema this evening I decided to pop over to Lloyds Autobody, just to see if my car was parked outside. Would you believe it, but the flat bed truck was there with my car on the back, looking to drop it somewhere, and there was no one in!

I said you couldn’t make it up. So rather than have the car dropped somewhere else I said they could leave it in our secured parking area. Lo and behold, here is my car, after 16 months, finally making its way back to me.

I’ll contact Lloyds Autobody myself now to see when I can drop it off to them and they can get the quote to RSA. The quote they should really have asked for when they first recovered the car in August 2006.

Isn’t she a beauty?

RSA pick my car up for repairs

I’ve just heard from Royal & SunAlliance that they have now picked up my car from South Wales and are taking it to Lloyds Autobody in Manchester to be fixed.

I think this is a call for celebration as it only took 16 months for them to do this.

We’ll wait to hear from the body shop before cracking the champaign corks, but hopefully this means I’ll get my BMW Z3 back next week, unless of course RSA have a panic attack when they see what the Ferrari, Porsche and Bentley approved body shop actually quote for repairing my car!