My Z3 arrives in Manchester

You couldn’t make this up. My Z3 was picked up this morning by RSA and due to be taken to Lloyds Autobody in Manchester. When I left work at 5:45 the car hadn’t arrived so RSA were going to check tomorrow and let me know then.

Well… on the way out to the cinema this evening I decided to pop over to Lloyds Autobody, just to see if my car was parked outside. Would you believe it, but the flat bed truck was there with my car on the back, looking to drop it somewhere, and there was no one in!

I said you couldn’t make it up. So rather than have the car dropped somewhere else I said they could leave it in our secured parking area. Lo and behold, here is my car, after 16 months, finally making its way back to me.

I’ll contact Lloyds Autobody myself now to see when I can drop it off to them and they can get the quote to RSA. The quote they should really have asked for when they first recovered the car in August 2006.

Isn’t she a beauty?

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