Google and MTV Video

Google recently completed a trial of new video content in their Adsense program, and one of my sites: was selected by Google to trial the ads. Flattered, and slightly intrigued I ran the ads as they requested, expecting some content relevant to my site to be filtered through.

Unfortunately I only received one video link, that never updated, for Sponge Bob???

Suffice to say it wasn’t a flying success, and the video seemed to slow the site down radically as it loaded.

However, last week I received a parcel from Google! Some branded tat perhaps, like the stuff they send to their top publishers? No, it was strangely a lava lamp. Not quite sure of the relevance of that one, but then the video ads themselves were a little wide of the mark for my content, so I’m not really surprised. Nice thought though, thanks Google!

News of the MTV / Google deal can be read on the BBC site here:

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