Another one bites the dust

Seems that knob who prank called me is called Jezpick, and lives in Notts. He even bragged on the forum of some Shitroen Saxo website about making the call.

The police have been informed about his whereabouts, and the website where he admits to making the illegal call. I’ve also given the contact details of the website owner to the police who will be calling him directly:

Administrative Contact:
Robinson, Mark ****
35 Long Lane
Warrington, Cheshire WA2 8PU
07776 233 823

Finally, and perhaps most nastily of all, I contacted Fasthosts about the website. They are the hosting company, and I know from personal experience that they won’t like this sort of thing going on from a website they host one little bit.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that site down shortly, shame – but then I am the ruler of the Internet. No shit!

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6 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust”

  1. I hope you manage to resolve the Jezpick issue you describe (taking any legal action you deem appropriate), although I can’t quite see how publishing my contact details really benefits anyone. I’d prefer it if you would please remove them. It seems inappropriate to single me out since I don’t condone the alleged actions of Jezpick and have done nothing wrong. I am a little surprised that you took the time to look me up, and then didn’t attempt to contact me. The Saxo site has an open forum and problem posts are always moderated once they are brought to our attention. Perhaps you could have extended me a little professional courtesy? If and when the police contact me (nothing so far) then I’ll be sure to have everything ready for them. Fasthosts? Regards, Bumblebee

  2. I did contact you, through the website’s feedback form. I noticed the offending thread was removed shortly after. Whether the police contact you or not is up to them, they are fairly useless after all. As for you condoning the actions, it’s your website, you’re responsible for what is posted on it. I’ll also be following up on Scott Newham – who likes to use your website to promote illegal activities. I have a copy of the deleted threads btw.

  3. As soon as the site admin became aware of the thread where your details were published, action was taken to remove it. You decided to take action by publishing my personal details even though I was not involved. It’s painfully ironic. All I ask is that you extend me the same courtesy and remove my personal details. Regardless, I’m still on your side and I genuinely don’t mind if the police contact me. Threatening calls to either myself or my family would be pursued to the fullest extent of the law, and I fully support you in doing the same. I have a copy of your copy of the deleted threads, but I also have the originals together with all the server logs waiting for an officer to get in touch. Much more useful in my experience. If you still want to pursue Jezpick and whoever else then drop me an email, you know my address 😉

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