Scott Newham Drives a Gay Saxo

About a year ago now I received some attempts at threatening phone calls from some pre-pubescent Citroen Saxo drivers such as Jezpick and Scott Newham. I’d forgotten all about Scott until I noticed someone had found my website by searching Google for ‘scott newham saxo’… Why I don’t know. I’m sure they found what they wanted though.

Scott NewhamAnyhow, this little to-rag (pictured right) made several phone calls to me in an effort to put the ‘frighteners’ on me. As you can see, he is indeed very scary.

I was petrified.

The cause of all of this tomfoolery was the chav car website and the glut of Citroen Saxo photographs uploaded by outraged members of the public.

Why this post? Two reasons. Firstly to publically expose Scott and to piss him off (Hi Scott) and secondly to announce a new feature coming to very soon – Chav Drivers Exposed!

That’s right, we’ll be posting up photos of the chavs who’ve emailed us, phoned us and made comments defending their ‘pimped up rides’.

Look forward to that one, Scott will figure of course…

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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9 thoughts on “Scott Newham Drives a Gay Saxo”

  1. what a cock you are Mr Daz. what have you got to prove by slating peoples cars! each to thier own!

    we could say you look like a crooked nosed bell end. but whats that gonna prove to anyone!

    your just a sad bastard that’s got nothing better to do with his spare time!

  2. You are a pick mate, you seem to get enjoyment from taking the piss out of people. this website is shit and someone will find you

  3. Actually Mark, lots of people have found me. Hundreds of thousands in fact. That’s the benefit of being in the field of Internet Marketing.

    Thanks for the comments, and for the emails which I’ll post in a moment.

    Not so chuffed with the phone calls though, but I guess it’s all content. Want to be featured on a podcast? You know the number.

  4. Remember though – we still have your phone details, name and address, i expect you to take this down.
    A lot of bad things happen to people who piss off “chavs” and you wont be an exception!

  5. Do you Jimbo? Do you really expect me to take it down? You have no idea mate.

    Not only will I NOT take this down, I might even paste up all of the comments from your forum that have now been removed because of the threatening language again.

    Maybe a new post… that would be fun.

  6. Hi Daz,

    I posted this on the saxperience website yesterday for advice about getting my details removed and I asked people not to post anything on your website or contact you. I’m sorry if that has happened but people get carried away I suppose.


  7. That’s chav Saxo drivers for you. When you ask forum members with the collective intellect of a horseradish for advice you’re bound to get comments along the lines of ‘rape him with a black man’.

    I’d suggest you start to run in more intelligent circles, you seem like a smart guy.

  8. Hahah, yeh I suppose so. I think to be honest I had to go through a phase like that in order to become a better person. I’m more into snowboarding and studying photography and graphic design at uni 🙂

    I think most forums are like that these days to be honest, everyone is trying to rally around to pounce on the latest prey in order to gain some sort of e-celeb status. I seem to have risen above it all now but I can’t say that I was never party to it.

    Well I’d like to think that I always act smart but as you know I have a tendancy to make stupid mistakes and them comfound them even further 🙂

    Also just so you know, I wasn’t threatening you with legal action, I don’t have the time or money let alone the want to actually act on anything like that.


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