Kerry Katona uncovered

Not so long ago Kerry Katona was robbed at knifepoint in her own home, just down the road from me in Wilmslow. In fact, what was my flatmate doing that night?

Never mind, she’s bounced back (literally looking at the size of her) with a new MTV fly on the wall show in the same manner as the Osbournes. Can’t wait!

House for rent in Cwmbran

I haven’t been online for a few days because I’ve been back in Wales sorting out the last few details for my house, which I recently purchased in the divorce settlement. At long last the thing is up for rent, so if you’re looking for a house to rent in Cwmbran why not have a look.

It’s 3 story, and unlike what Darlows listed it as when they tried to sell it for my ex, it’s FOUR bedrooms (sneaky bastards trying to avoid the home information pack costs).

You’ve read the blogs, now live in the house!

Resident Evil Extinction infects Viral Marketing

The DVD for Resident Evil Extinction is out shortly in the UK and Sony have just launched the mother of all viral marketing campaigns.

You sign up at their website (which can be seen in the video below) and register your own Zombie character. Then at 09.00 GMT on 18th February the zombies are released to different advertising units on various websites throughout the Internet. There they will wait for Alice to find them and destroy them.

You can increase your Zombie’s chances of survival by training him, and even receive updates about what website he is on and how he’s fairing.

Naturally there are prizes to be won too. Watch the video, create a Zombie and try to survive Alice.

What is Reputation Management?

After I posted a scathing blog about a Facebook application someone named Sean added an obviously contrived comment to the post in an attempt to improve the tone towards that product. He was blatantly attempting something called ‘reputation management’ which in our Online World means to ensure that your personal or company name, or product/service receives positive results when searched for in Google (or other engines if you care about them).

So a search for that particular Facebook app obviously ranked in Google, which in turn meant that people looking for it saw my scathing comments; thus someone tried to redress the balance.

It’s not good for your reputation if when someone searches for you all they see is people slagging you off!

Now, you can do what Sean did and feebly attempt to answer the criticism by replying to the comments, forum posts or blog posts; or, a more successful but naturally more difficult tactic would be to ensure that nothing negative appears for your name when someone searches in the first place.

How could you do this? If you have sites like openly slate your name or product what can you do about it?

Simple, make sure that other websites rank above them. For example, if you Google my name (Darren Jamieson) you won’t see anything negative in the top 10 results.

Darren Jamieson

Now I don’t own all of those websites, I’m not even the Darren Jamieson in question on some of them, but there’s nothing negative about me there. Don’t think for a moment either that it’s because I’ve not annoyed anyone enough to try, I have ;).

No, it’s reputation management in action.

If you have a problem with your online reputation and would like to know what can be done about it, don’t post comments on the forums and threads in question from made up customers of yours saying how good your services are, that doesn’t work. Give me a shout at Just Search, I’ll advise you on what can be done.

CSA reply to my complaint letter

On January 13th I wrote a complaints letter to the CSA outlining the scandalous and illegal way they have mishandled my case. I didn’t expect anything from them, and naturally my low expectations were proven just. I’ve received a reply today that has dismissed all of the facts, ignored the basic evidence that they’ve been incompetent and negligent and thus declared the case closed.

They’ve also demanded that I remove anything about them, naming them, phone calls etc from the websites: ‘U tube’ and…

What the fuck?

Is it any wonder these idiots make so many mistakes.

Well, they might consider it closed, Judi Cass might consider it closed, but Mr Daz considers it very much open.

I will be drafting a scathing reply this week and will of course post it here, together with anything and everything I deem to be worth mentioning. I will not be silenced by these idiots because I am right.

All good things come to those who wait, and these idiots will be exposed.

Facebook developers miss the point

Two weeks ago I wrote an article about how Facebook was degrading due to all of the spam and junk filling up its pages in the form of useless applications. The sort of crap that the MySpace crowd love to use.

After writing that I received an email from a Facebook app developer:

I noticed that you wrote an article about Facebook and its rather “elite” origin. While it appears that you are still interested in Facebook and use it on a daily basis, I was wondering if you would write something up about our instant messaging Facebook application? has added yet another feature to Facebook. The instant messenger application allows Facebook users to instant message and video chat with friends on Facebook, AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo. This application also enables the Facebook user to sign into multiple accounts. By clicking the “Link Accounts” button, on future visits will automatically sign you into all of your accounts.

You can find the Facebook application here:

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback at

Thanks, staff

Now, is it just me or has Ashley completely missed the point? Not only will I not be writing about his app or using it, I implore anyone and everyone to leave junk like this alone. Facebook is already full of enough garbage without more of this dross being added.

When I say no more to Facebook apps, that is NOT a public invite for developers to solicit reviews from me.