I’m quite comfortable with my spider phobia thank you

Ever since I can remember I’ve been afraid of spiders, just like millions of other people in the World. However unlike most of those people I’m quite comfortable with my fear as I don’t believe it’s an irrational one.

Spiders are after all the perfect predators and had they evolved at the same rate as humans we’d all be prey to them right now. The spider has a scale speed faster that the cheetah, it’s armoured, it can see in every direction at once with its eight eyes, it has fangs which many of them use to paralyse their victims with poison, it can walk on all surfaces upside down and its home (the web) is nothing but a trap for capturing its prey.

They are the perfect killers, the perfect predators. Therefore I’m quite comfortable with my phobia. Reading this article on how people can be cured of their spider phobias through hypnotherapy I did stop and think for a moment maybe I should give it a try, but then I thought; what do I need to be cured of this phobia for?

Am I going to pick up spiders? No chance. Do I need to be around spiders on a daily basis? Hell no. So why would I want to be cured of my fear of spiders?

I’m genuinely interested in the idea of being hypnotised, but I think I’ll keep my spider phobia if it’s all the same with you.

Vic Reeves was pissed

If you didn’t catch any of the Brit Awards last night you missed an absolute corker where Vic Reeves was supposed to present an award, yet didn’t seem to know where he was, who he was or what he was doing. It was the best moment of the night as Vic announced he’d seen some ‘turns’ on the stage but didn’t know who they were only for co-host Sharon Osborn to call him a ‘Bastard’ and tell him to get lost.

Then Vic had his microphone switched off!

You can read a full rundown of the night here at celebrities uncovered.

Someone thinks I’m cute

I love these emails, they always crack me up. The funny thing about this one is the email address it has been sent from.

—–Original Message—–
From: Lynette Castle [mailto:CristinaWaddell@rescue.com]
Sent: 18 February 2008 07:59
To: ***@**********
Subject: [SPAM?]: Re Zoe

This is Zoe
Our mutual friend named Emily said your cute
Can we chat and maybe exchange pictures?
Email me at Zoe@DoorwayPagePro.info
I will respond with a picture and info right away
Cant wait to hear from you

No virus found in this outgoing message
Checked by PC Tools AntiVirus ( – 10.055.016).

“Zoe@DoorwayPagePro.info”??? Surely when they create these spam emails they should put a little thought into the email address?

Anyone who falls for that deserves to be taken for a ride.

Alas poor Zombie

Bah, my excitement was short lived. I just received the news I was dreading; my Zombie is dead, well, undead… dead dead. You know what I mean.

They didn’t even break it to me gently. This was the email I received:

Your Resident Evil Extinction character has been killed!

The heartless bastards! All that training and he didn’t stand a chance.

My zombie’s on the FHM website

It’s not often you get to say something like that, but the Zombie I’ve been training on the Resident Evil Extinction viral marketing contest has been released and he’s on the FHM’s website. Naturally I went there today to check on him, and didn’t even look at the all girl Karma Sutra videos on the site, even when I saw the still for the reverse cowgirl…

Never looked once…



Sweden bound baby

This post was written yesterday and scheduled to go live because right now I’m on the plane to Sweden for a work conference. The whole of Just Search are off to the Sunny bloody freezing climate of Scandinavia to board a boat for Estonia… better pack my seasickness tablets.

I’ll be back with photos this weekend, and hopefully if we’ve net access some on the spot blogging from the boat.

Happy valentine’s day by the way!