CSA reply to my complaint letter

On January 13th I wrote a complaints letter to the CSA outlining the scandalous and illegal way they have mishandled my case. I didn’t expect anything from them, and naturally my low expectations were proven just. I’ve received a reply today that has dismissed all of the facts, ignored the basic evidence that they’ve been incompetent and negligent and thus declared the case closed.

They’ve also demanded that I remove anything about them, naming them, phone calls etc from the websites: ‘U tube’ and mrsdaz.com…

What the fuck?

Is it any wonder these idiots make so many mistakes.

Well, they might consider it closed, Judi Cass might consider it closed, but Mr Daz considers it very much open.

I will be drafting a scathing reply this week and will of course post it here, together with anything and everything I deem to be worth mentioning. I will not be silenced by these idiots because I am right.

All good things come to those who wait, and these idiots will be exposed.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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7 thoughts on “CSA reply to my complaint letter”

  1. Your right dont let it drop,maybe this letter should be done without the wit and just outlining the facts,its all about results at the end of the day. I know its painful and should not happen but you could try playing their game and saying what you think they want to hear just to get what you want in the long run.
    As you said good things come to those that wait!! We are just playing the game until the times right ?
    Good luck

  2. Im totally understanding your frustation with CSA. My partner & I have been together for 12 years, we have 2 children 9 & 2. About 18 months ago my partner received a phone call from the CSA asking him if he acknowledged fatherhood of a child he never even knew existed, no delicate sympathetic phone call just straight to the jugular shocking us both.. What makes it worse is the child is 8 years old! You don’t have to be a genius at maths to work it out, my partner had a one night stand with a girl. That aside the whole process has been a shambles. They claim they didn’t receive the original paperwork we sent out telling them about the 2 children my partner already has with me so they have based his arrears payments on having no children to support but the one in question for the last 18 months. They say if they can’t find the paperwork then they will not accept he has been supporting us all. It makes no sense, the robots on the end of the phone must leave their humanity & common courtesy outside CSA HQ every morning! Now we have guy called ‘Steve’ calling us threatening us with ‘The Balliffs’ all because the CSA can’t read, sorry find paperwork! Here starts our battle, I’ll be watching to see how your story ends… Beam me up Scottie!!!

  3. The ex put me through the CSA in Nov 05 and i filled in all the paperwork to the CSA. Then 2 years later the CSA said i owed them 12 grand, well i pay the ex direct and not through the CSA which i told them about. All sorted? No. they then send me a letter telling me it will be deducted from my wage. I tell them again that i pay direct and they phone the ex to confirm and she does confirm. All sorted? No, they take it from my wage and i’m down 500 quid in my wage. What a bunch of tossers. I stop the check and bollock the wages department and get my money back in a week. Put a complaint in and nothing happens. Like i said what a bunch of tossers

  4. Dear Mr Daz,
    Keep up the good work, as much as anything you are revealing what a bunch of incompetent idiots, work for the csa. And giving some of us light relief with your excellent attitude.

    There is no point just writing down the facts as previously suggested, they will be ignored, misinterpreted or lost, you know that and I know that!!!

    If you do not keep a sense of wit you will end up at the funny farm dealing with this bunch of rude, lying, incompetent staff who represent a shambles of an excuse for a government department.

    I will not go into the full details of my experience with the csa, as it will take far too long, but if you expect totally nothing, lack of common sense, rudeness, and mistake after mistake, you will be best prepared!!


  5. hi,the csa are aload of bugling fouls who dont have a clue what they are doing.contact your mp who will help you with your case.my case differs from yours but i know the csa have no idea what they are doing

  6. hello Mr Daz i hope you get this as i am going through something very similar at this moment in time, i have got my MP on the case and also a legal adviser as some of the things that this bunch of incompetent morons have done and some illegally may i add, i think they think that the like of you and myself will just slip away and forget about them well not me i will take them all the way to the European Court of Human rights if i can get the funding and a decent good solicitor hope you get this and we may be able to have a chat feel free to mail me and i will explain all whats gone on
    Regards Marcus

  7. I too have had over a decade of CSA mistakes. As a single mother on a low income I have financailly supported my daughter with less than £700 (total) from her father in more 15 years of absence.
    CSA mistakes work both ways, mostly we only hear about the absent parent being asked to pay too much however, it is just as likely to be the hard working mothers (it does not seem to affect mothers on benefits as much) who suffer.

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