Something evil’s lurking in the dark

Quick update for you all, I did win the aforementioned Michael Jackson Thriller jacket on eBay and for the bargain price of 132 quid.

And who says I need a hobby?

I shall be wearing that out in Leeds next week so long as it arrives by Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Something evil’s lurking in the dark”

  1. woahhhh! you spent £132 on a halloween outfit!!??

    now thats what i call festive 😛

    is it festive for al holidays or is that just christmas? hmm any way you know what i mean.. getting into the spirit of things 😀

    unfortunatly i have to buy things like food with my money so 🙁 no thriller jacket for me this year :'(
    sorry michael <3

  2. Yeah, it’s an awesome jacket though. Proper leather, so you’d pay more than that for a good quality leather jacket.

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