Royal & SunAlliance tell lies

This morning I telephoned Royal & SunAlliance once again about my car that was stolen 16 months ago now, in July 2006. You might remember that I sent them a final demand letter in September instructing them to fix my car and to pay me what they owe me. The letter was addressed to Zoe Banks, and naturally she hasn’t responded some 6 weeks later.

So this morning I phoned her up. Surprisingly she was on the other line and someone insisted I’d get a call back today about my car, as I explained that I’d been waiting 16 months for them to fix it and thought I’d waited long enough. Again the person apologised for my distress, as they always do.

Guess what? That’s right, I haven’t had a call back.

But then, why would I get a call back? Why would an insurance company actually fix a car they’re liable to fix? That would be crazy, like this whole situation. Suffice to say I will keep calling them and keep exposing their lies, broken promises and their utter failure to do their job right here on – unless of course they actually fix my car…

What are the chance of that? 😉

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