Michael Cox against the Child Support Agency

My problems with the child support agency are legendary and well documented here on mrdaz.com. How they’ve overcharged me, lost my correspondence, sent my mail to the wrong address and to complete strangers, lied to me, refused to speak to me and generally been unbelievably incompetent.

Obviously I’m not the only one who’s been mistreated by these British Nazis, Michael Cox is a famed victim of the CSA’s callous and incompetent nature. This interview is from GMTV.

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And the second part of the interview:

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12 thoughts on “Michael Cox against the Child Support Agency”

  1. There are know words strong enough to describe that shambolic lot of twats!! This week they have managed to double my partners laibility,slap on a Direct from earnings order and then backtrack the post that they had failed to send out informing him of these actions!! I will hasten to add all the while he was paying what they requested.
    After a really strong phone call from me they rather hastily sent out backdated letters because they knew they were in the wrong, Do they seriously believe that we do not know there game!! They also withdrew the DEO. It appears that yet again they have failed to make notes on the system of my previous phone calls then they proceed to claim that you never actually had any contact with them? also over a 3month period letters they claim to have sent out you never get.
    There may well be men out there that do ignore letters from them but anyone with half a brain would never let them knowingly have access to your earnings at source without some fight.
    This is another example of them going after the soft target to improve there figures.
    When I asked for the womens full name who I had been dealing with she refused to let me have her surname!! REASON? what does that say to you? that they are all a lying bunch of spineless twats that do and say anything to get you off the phone. In what other job could you ever get away with this behaviour?
    The actions of the CSA are outrageous and unfair, its nothing other than robbery by a goverment run organisation. F**k the rules they do not play fair!!

  2. i settled prior to the csa i bought and paid for a house in full a mans duty to provide but thats not enough for this twat iwas with investigated by the inland rev and by social security that was still not enough csa involed she was not on benifit she has 2 houses one which is rented out .and are the csa interrested are they bollocks i now have a £7000 debt when she says jump they say how high they are all a load of pratts who arre not interested in anything other than what she wants i was blackmailedby the bitch if you dont see the kids i will call csa off 10 years passed case closed after 6 years as said by csa now reopened case want my driving licence and it goes on and on fair the pratts havnt got a clue. chlids welfare my arse

  3. i fought for 3 years to get my payments reduced as i could not cope with 175 pounds per week for one child and was convinced they were wrong. i eventually got a call to say that they were wrong and hadnt taken into account any of my outgoings and had mis-inputed my wage amount. guess what? you have no right of appeal for a mistake by the csa. you do the maths because it makes me weep. i had to pay even when my daughter fell out with her mum and came to live with me because of some 8 week rule before they start counting and another 8 weeks after that just to be sure. all i see on telly are women with partners who are not paying and good luck to them but the other side of the coin is hidden away.

  4. Perhaps now that the house of ‘Conmens’ is under scrutiny because of corruption, perhaps it’ time for the faceless , twisted life-wreckers of the C.S.A to be brought to Justice.I personally have suffered YEARS of harrasment and bullying by that unaccountable Government Huxlian nightmare, and alas, it continues, not only for me, but for thousands of others until there is action against them.
    MR C .R. Davey

  5. The CSA has done more to harm children than help, its draconian incompetant ways proberly led by people who have no idea of being a father who has become a part time father who misses the magic of bringing up children. Dont forget it was during a Tory goverment when this came in. Good luck Michael Cox.

  6. Where do i start? I am fed up of them, they change the rules to suit them, they change the assessments when my ex says, cos she thinks she can get more money. I have played by the rules kept them informed every time I change jobs, and when i am not doing a ‘full time’ educational course.

    now education means nothing, now the fact i have worked almost every day since 19 years old it means nothing to these people, rather than actually get off their fat asses and find the people that really don’t care about their kids.

    my ex stopped my 150.00 a month payment as she didn’t want to sign the receipts, cos i was shit scared of getting hammered by these butchers. she moved in with the bloke she left me for (who in the end went to jail for beating her ten times a day) she lied to the CSA telling them i wasn’t the father only to change this when he was 10/11 – and as far as i know has never worked a day in her life. – yes she’s a dole digger.

    ironically she is now looking at 106.00 per month payments, the thing that REALLY pisses me off, is i have three kids (almost) one child – who doesn’t live with me costs me 26.75 a week – my eldest i don’t get that from the government for her. WTF? how the fuck do they get that? maybe it’s time i took them to court (the government) demanding 26.75 a week for each of my kids… FUCK EM for too long it’s been “what can you do for your country” what can we do for each other? maybe i should become a banker then i can make the fecking rules myself!

  7. I am fighting the CSa and they have made it so hard on my I have had 3 heart attacks now because of them.

    I am about to loose my home which my kids use.

    I am left with 600 a month and my rent alone is £520.00 so how can I survive like this.

    Please help me out here.


  8. I pay £600 + every month to CSA and they have reciently reconed that I should pay more, this is down to the mother barking her malitious orders to and they come calling, they recon I owe the mother £15k and ive been paying for years now, the ironic thing is, Ive never been allowed to see my son, she has moved house, changed names, takes my money with a smug grin, but if I try and get in contact with her and my son, bam…. the CSA are there saying they want me re-assesed, saying that she has been in touch and said ive had a pay rise, is there anything I can do? its harrassment, bullying, unjust, and actually illegal what they do.

  9. This is just a repeat of the other comments,been paying for my daughter for 14 years direct to her mother,now for what ever reasons,the csa have told me i should have been paying an extra £50 a week.the money i paid was an agred amount with her mother by the way.the csa have now taken it back to the year 2000 and have taken me to court for £7200 to start with ,they did not tell me it was going to court,(i was sent a letter after).i have tried to get help from a solicitor and have been told YOU CAN NOT FIGHT THE CSA.the baliff has been knocking at my door i have no choice but to pay him, i have always been there for my daughter,but again my ex shouts jump and the csa ask how high.i have tried to contact the csa with my side of the case,they are not interested,all i get told is we are here to prevent child poverty.I DONT THINK SO ITS ABOUT TIME THEY REALISED HOW MANY FATHERS THEY HAVE RUINED, they really are the lowest of lo and i think david cameron would do him self a big favour by shuting them down now

  10. Claim “Civil Abduction”.

    You can only do this if you absolutely did not leave the family home; you have to have been uncategorically forced out. E.g. no “she made life unbearable”; she has to have called in the landlord or the police as part of securing the home as her sole residence.

    If you’re in that position, you can argue Civil Abduction; you’re not an absent parent, your ex-partner kidnapped the children. Under English law, the father taking the child by force is a criminal offence, whereas if the mother takes the children it’s a civil matter. That quirk of English law is at odds with Article 14 of the Human Rights Act (gender equality). The reason for this is that the mother’s rights devolve from Common Law, while the father’s rights originate in Contract Law. That’s why this situation exists at all.

    Claiming Civil Abduction is not a quick fix, but it is solid ground on which to fight the CSA; the legislation they operate under makes no mention of Civil Abduction, ergo they have no authority in such cases. If you can substantiate a claim of Civil Abduction (for example, you’ve obtained a Prohibited Steps Order to prevent your ex from leaving the country), the CSA can’t legally enforce their claims.

    They’ll try, but they can’t even answer the question; no one at the CSA will be able to tell you where in the law their power extends to cases of Civil Kidnap. Argue this point long enough, and they’ll pass you up to one of their directors, who has the authority to drop a case and should have the expertise to understand the legal argument.

    The biggest problem in fighting the CSA is that there’s no official channel to do it; you’ll be stonewalled at every turn, by solicitors and by the courts. You have to fight the case yourself.

  11. The CSA changes what they say from one minute to the next, unable to get u off the phone quick enough. We are forced to deal with Belfast and we cannot understand what they say, my partner is partially deaf so he realy has no chance. We have no choice in swapping to england. My partners payments went from £30 per month to £800 per month and put us in months of arreas at a time when I was 7 months pregnant with my first child at 42 years old. I was the main wage earner and was about to go on maternity leave. Debt collaction agency was calling our mobile the next day after recieving the letter. I got pre eclampsia had to start mat leave early. I got my local councellor involved and apparently it was the inland rev who had given them his earnings wrong eventhough I sent the CSA photocopies of my partners tax return on at least 5 occasions. You are just treated with like an idiot who has no say on what you earn, they say what you earn and pay. luckily me and my son survived and the relationship between my partner and his kids is recovering 2 years on as his wife firmly believed we have robbed her of £770 per month with months of back payments. CSA PLEASE GOD FOR THE SAKE OF THE KIDS GET YOU ACT TOGETHER OR PLEASE MAKE YOURSELVES REDUNDANT, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. My partner of 15 years has been paying maintenance for one child for about 9 years. We currently have avoluntary arrnagement as our dealings with the CSA were unbearable. The ‘child’ will be 16 this July and I can only hope they choose to leave school at this age, so that we will be better off. I am currently on long term sick due to an ovarian cyst and only receive SSP during this time. The mother of the child has 4 children by 3 different fathers, she ditched the 3rd about 2 years ago and now receives payments from all 3!!!!! The CSA should be disbanded, it is an organisation encouraging single mothers to live by scrounging and to believe thats OK because they are only receiving what they are entitled to, and why should single parent (non working) familes be better off than a couple both working ? yes I am bitter, the CSA wrecked my life for months and my partner didnt think his life was worth living. This is not right and the CSA must not be allowed to continue as they do.

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