Brainstorm at SES New York

Just Search and parent company Getupdated are attending SES New York this month, March 17th – 20th, to offer business owners the benefit of their combined experience. Rather than talk about SEO (because let’s face it, at a Search Engine Strategies conference everyone will be talking about SEO) Getupdated are running a BrainStorming Booth where business owners can talk to James Welch, the head of Research and Development at Just Search, Paul Yates, the founder of Just Search and Mattias Kaneteg, CEO of Getupdated to benefit from their experience on anything related to their website.

The BrainStorming Booth will be completely free and anyone with an interest in improving their online presence can enter and pick the brains of James, Paul and Mattias.

SES New York

So if you’re attending SES New York this month pop into the booth and get some free advice on how your website can improve its ranking and what more you can be doing to get that extra step ahead.

SES New York isn’t just about SEO…

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