Awful Driving Video

Look at these idiots, it’s a bloody disgrace people can drive like this. If everyone on the road kept left the two guys in a rush wouldn’t need to weave between the cars. I hate drivers who do this. It’s so selfish.

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629 thoughts on “Awful Driving Video”

  1. [..YouTube..] you got smoked son!!!
    If i were on duty an i saw this kind of driving by anyone, They would be locked the fuck up and would never get their licences back
    This kind of driving is very dangerous,just think of how many ppl could have changed lanes right in front of you

  2. [..YouTube..] its a good thing you never hit anyone. thats just plain stupid. its one thing to do this late at night when no one is around, but another to do it rush hour traffic.

  3. [..YouTube..] Дебилы ебаные! Подвергают опасности не только свою жизнь но и других участников дорожного движения. Что б они в следующий раз разбились нах!!!!!!!

  4. [..YouTube..] I hope the makers of these kind of videos go extinct and fast!

    Excellent cars, good driving, but zero brains.


  5. [..YouTube..] mtm rs4 in the video 600hp vs stock m5 400hp. result? the obvious 😀 spoke to the owners. rs4 had to get out of the freeway at the end. otherwise they wouldve continued. damn it 😀

  6. [..YouTube..] If that was a British motorway, police would be on both the drivers’ arses!
    Good thing it wasn’t and we saw a very good duel.

    Excellent driving by both drivers. Keep yourselves safe now and don’t drive into the back of an articulated lorry!

  7. [..YouTube..] Jajaja, Es broma. Pero mas de un susto he dado a algun coche mayor, el mio tiene 105 cv y pesa 960 kg. Con ese aspecto cutre que tiene por fuera…engaña.

    Claro…en esta carrera…me limitaria a verlos el culo 5 segundos y perderlos de vista para siempre 🙂

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