Alison Stokke is HOT-linked

You might remember this photo of American Pole Vaulter Alison Stokke that I put up on the site back in June last year.

Alison Stokke

Thanks to this photo I actually rank #1 in Google for an image search for Alison Stokke, which is bringing me an awful lot of traffic. She’s a good looking lady and has a lot of fans. Sadly though, that traffic has also brought the leechers. This guy has leeched the image from my site, stealing my bandwidth, causing me to have to block the image with the htaccess file.

If anyone is thinking of stealing images, don’t! I could have replaced the image with something very unpleasant, which would have given that chap the fright of his life. If you want to use an image you’ve found on someone else’s website the correct protocol is to upload the image to your OWN website and then give a link back to the original site.

Do not steal!

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