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It’s my birthday today, and I’m 32… dammit. I’m also in Dublin, so this post was prepared earlier 😉

This is something I’ve discovered from using Facebook. I recently added one of my old School photos from Primary School, where I would have been in the 1st year, so probably around 7 years old. When I added this picture to Facebook, and having just one of the people on it on my friends list, I found that other people on the photo found it, or in some cases their friends did, and tagged them. The picture is now probably 25% tagged and increasing.

It’s proven a great way of finding people you haven’t heard from in years. Of course, I’m not actually interested in hearing from any of them, but the option is there you understand!

Right, that’s enough of that. I’m probably smashed out of my head right now, even at this early hour. If I make it back I’ll bring photos. If I don’t, it’s been an adventure.

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