Viruses spread by MSN Messenger:

I’ve been getting some messages recently from a contact on my MSN Messenger that clearly aren’t from who they seem to be from. Rather than sending me the usual mixture of adult content and news about Steven Seagal I’ve been getting funny image links and cutesy links from this particular, earthy, northern contact.

Obviously something’s afoot. The man has a virus (this we knew years ago, but hey ho). It’s not actually ‘Eddie’ sending this rubbish, instead it’s his computor, or rather his MSN Messenger, which is infected with something nasty. It’s trying to infect others and is sending this gibberish out so that contacts click on the link and download the virus themselves.

If you’d had anything like this come through, make sure you ignore it. Equally, if Eddie Keaton messages you about anything in general, ignore that too 😉


HTC Magic Review

I bought a new phone this last week, and took delivery of it over the weekend. The phone I bought (leaving Vodafone after a decade, but more on that another time) is the HTC Touch HD.

However, before I go into that phone (as I’m still playing with it and it’s late) I wanted to share this review I found for the HTC Magic. Now, I didn’t even know what a HTC Magic was, and this review makes me think I should have looked at it in some detail. The name ‘Google’ attached to the HTC Magic gives it a certain kudos in my book.

Have a look and see what you think. I’ll get to reviewing the HTC Touch HD shortly too.

Play Scalextric in the office

gtiAs someone who likes to slack off wherever possible (just kidding if anyone important is reading this) the prospect of playing online Scalextric was just too good to be true, especially as it’s a real car, sort of.

The new Golf GTI launches in the UK on May 22nd, and as everyone who knows me is aware, I’m quite into my cars. To promote the release of the ultimate boy racer car, the folks and Volks have created an online Scalextric game where you can test out the new GTI on a virtual test track, using rendered video sequences for the race.

The game is just like the real thing whereby if you keep your finger firmly pressed on the controller you’ll find your car rapidly exiting the track, only to wait patiently while a chap in a white coat retrieves your GTI and places it, slowly, back on the road.

You can play the game online here and test your times against your mates, though I personally recommend playing against a 3 year old (that was always my tactic, and it proved very successful).

Worth mentioning too, if you set the course alight you could win a 3 month test drive of a real Golf GTI. I can’t imagine there’d be much left of one after 3 months if I drove it.

British Ginger wins world’s best job blogging on Desert Island

You may have seen recently that the Queensland Tourist board has been looking for someone to work for them in what they have dubbed ‘the world’s best job’. The job entails swanning around on a desert island, eating barbeque food, swimming in the sea and blogging about great the holiday is.

For this arduous task they’re paying £73,500 per year!

They conducted a lengthy search, which obviously received thousands of applicants (over 34,000 to be precise), all looking for someone with good blogging skills and a penchant for adventurous holidays. Eventually they decided on 34 year old Brit Ben Southall, a Ginger.

Now, just why would you hire a Ginger to be your representative on a desert island? The tropical Queensland weather isn’t going to be that kind to Southall’s complexion.

Yet he’s still excited about his blogging job, stating:

I hope I can fill the boots as much as everybody is expecting. My swimming is hopefully up to standard and I look forward to all the new roles and responsibilities that the task involves.

Responsibilities? All he has to do is get smashed off his face every night, lie around on the beach during the day and write on his blog. A great responsibility indeed. The actual job description for the role read:

To explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel, make friends with the locals and generally enjoy the tropical Queensland climate and lifestyle.

If I sound a little jealous about this, it’s because I am. However, could you imagine if I’d actually landed the job?

Day One

Plane was late. Sodding Ryan Air, never using them again. The beach house has no running water. Despite there being only one car on the island, mine, I’ve still managed to crash it… it wasn’t my fault.

Received first month’s pay in advance, CSA have taken all of it… bastards.