Play Scalextric in the office

gtiAs someone who likes to slack off wherever possible (just kidding if anyone important is reading this) the prospect of playing online Scalextric was just too good to be true, especially as it’s a real car, sort of.

The new Golf GTI launches in the UK on May 22nd, and as everyone who knows me is aware, I’m quite into my cars. To promote the release of the ultimate boy racer car, the folks and Volks have created an online Scalextric game where you can test out the new GTI on a virtual test track, using rendered video sequences for the race.

The game is just like the real thing whereby if you keep your finger firmly pressed on the controller you’ll find your car rapidly exiting the track, only to wait patiently while a chap in a white coat retrieves your GTI and places it, slowly, back on the road.

You can play the game online here and test your times against your mates, though I personally recommend playing against a 3 year old (that was always my tactic, and it proved very successful).

Worth mentioning too, if you set the course alight you could win a 3 month test drive of a real Golf GTI. I can’t imagine there’d be much left of one after 3 months if I drove it.

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