The demise of Facebook

Now before you start telling me how Facebook’s worth over $11 billion and how it’s more popular that MySpace and you use it every day, I know already. I use it every day as well. I use it at home, I use it sneakily in work (just kidding ;)) and I use it on my phone. I even update my Facebook status from the pub just to let people know what I’m drinking.

It’s addictive, I get it.

However, Facebook has a problem. It has a disease. The disease is the great unwashed, or MySpace users as we call them today. Facebook was originally setup for use by students of Harvard and was later expanded to include other establishments such as MIT and Boston University. Then of course it was opened to all Universities, schools and eventually the public.

This, you see, is the problem. Facebook was created by the elite, to be used by the elite. It was not created for use by, well, for want of a better word, chavs. The once great exclusive domain, from which the intellectuals of this world could look down upon their MySpace brethren, from a safe distance, has been invaded and contaminated by the very people it was designed to exclude. Facebook is becoming corrupted with junk.


Much like MySpace before it, which is now a realm of fake profiles, awful imagery and impossible to load pages, Facebook is rapidly jamming up with the crud of the Internet. It’s becoming another MySpace. Whenever I log into my account now I’m hit with a barrage of requests from Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Scrabulous, Valentines, Sex Fantasies… you name it, it’s there. I have to go through all of them one by one hitting ‘ignore’.

Then when I click onto a friend’s page, a friend who has come from the MySpace zone (as we shall call it) I find their page scrolls on for several thousand miles with application after pointless application.

Why, for the love of cake why?

Now there are even applications that FORCE you to send it to 20 friends BEFORE you use it, so you have no idea of the quality (or lack of it) that you’re sending on. They even come with personalised messages from your friends saying how they’ve found they’re ideal sexual position; would you like to find yours? NO, I wouldn’t.

What all of this crap means is that Facebook is going to drive away the very individuals it was created for in the first place, drive them away to the next social networking site. Which in my opinion will become Linked In, but that’s for another post. This will happen unless Facebook gets a grip on the influx of low quality members and spammed up applications.

Will Facebook sort this out, or does Mark Zuckerberg care more about his exit strategy and the billions of dollars he’ll receive if Facebook has more members, more advertisers and more developers making shitty little applications?

I think it’s the latter, there’s an iceberg ahead for Zuckerberg, and he’s sailing straight for it.

SEO Providers? I don’t think so

Today I received a spam email from Nick Slevin from Nick asked if I needed SEO help to improve my rankings, and he sent the email to my address associated with the website TheTransformers.Net.

Get more traffic to your website using proven seo tactics. To learn more, please reply with the sites you would like to promote and the best way to contact you with the details.


Nick Slevin

I’d normally delete an email like this without reading it, but after looking at the website for, and realising the email address he’d sent the email to, I wanted to point out a few things.

Firstly, the website TheTransformers.Net ranks #1 in Google for ‘Transformers’. How exactly can improve its ranking? Do they have some clever software that makes my website appear in people’s browsers BEFORE they search? Some sort of predictive search technology? I doubt it.

Transformers in Google

Secondly, look at the website for…

SEO Providers

Seriously, go home Nick. This is the big leagues now.

Name and Shame the CSA: the Website

Regular poster on Poppy mentioned in this post about the CSA complaints website Name & Shame the CSA.

This looks like an excellent resource and features template letters and advice on dealing with the CSA. It also includes an interesting quote from Adolf Hitler which sounds like it could be in reference to the CSA.

“As long as government are perceived as acting in the best interests of children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty.”

I’ll be using this site extensively in the coming weeks, and blogging about here.

Stockport school teacher suspended for smut role

A local school teacher down the road from me at Stockport Grammar School has been suspended after students found a video she’d made years before starting her teaching role, on YouTube.

The video is a raunchy advert for Scruffs work clothing and shows her playing a secretary getting a vigorous workout by a builder, while demonstrating the safety aspect of his clothing. The advert was never shown on TV and was instead used as a promo video for the clothing firm. It’s getting some exposure now!

Suspending Sarah Green seems a little harsh as this isn’t porn, it’s just an advert she made as part of an acting job. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about here, so I hope she returns to work soon. I wouldn’t mind meeting her at parents evening either, I think enrolments would go up at Stockport Grammar if she goes back.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Thanks to About Blank for finding this one, and on the Metro website.

How to annoy me

You remember the podcast I put up a while back where some cock sucker phoned me up and demanded I tell him how to make money online. He withheld his number, lied about what he was doing and then started abusing me. He then phoned back the same night and received a massive amount of abuse from my pissed up flat mate.

Well the dipshit phoned back again recently. Have a listen to this.

Incredible eh?

If you’d like to be featured on in a podcast, just give me a call and piss me off. This could be you.