Michael Jackson Thriller costume for Halloween

If you remember last Halloween I bought two costumes, not sure if they’d both arrive in time. I bought a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket on eBay and a Jedi Knight Star Wars costume from Cloth Ears.

I decided to wear the Jedi costume, as it was marginally more expensive, and that proved to be a wise choice (as the photos in last year’s Halloween blogs show).

Well this year it’s the turn of Jacko and the Thriller costume. Now, I only have the Thriller leather jacket as I didn’t buy the full costume pictured here, so I’ll need to find some red trousers from somewhere, and a mullet wig… who do I know who has a mullet? Hmm…

Any road, it’ll be a good night and I will no doubt end up drunkenly busting some Thriller dance moves at some point, so expect the photos to make it here eventually.

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10 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Thriller costume for Halloween”

  1. Er, people who have good taste in music dress like that. And I agree, are you illiterate? For christ sake, Michael Jackson is a LEGEND, and if you seem to think differently, keep your opinion to yourself. =D

  2. Hi Greg, sorry I don’t want to sell it. I’ll probably be wearing the Thriller Jacket this Halloween as well!

    Have a look on eBay though, there’s usually a few on there this time of year, but make sure you get a leather one, not a cheap plastic one.

  3. 80stees.com has a mj wig for cheap on its site. it looks great as well and also its a coincidence that we are both dressing as mj this halloween.

  4. 4 halloween u need to have all the costums 4 all the vidieos 4 michael jackson not just the jaket 4 exsample if rhinana die next year u need 2 hane her costum ~thank you~!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. YEAH i totally agree with Julia Fenton- anyone whos anyone loves michael jackson its obvious hes a comlete legend and inspiration <3 Im really trying to find a nice thriller jacket but i dont wanna spend like £40 on it grrr!! Im only gonna wear it like once a year for goodness sake! also the full costumes you can buy like on ebay and stuff are really rubbish, they obvioulsy havent even watched the thriller video cuz they have shiney plasticy trousers, not at all like the slim fitting ones michael wears ! pfft its not good enough.
    I dont suppose you could tell me where you got your jacket from and how much it cost could you?? 😀 thanks alot 🙂 xx

  6. i dont know where to get michael jackson clothes i need it 4 my school were doin vid clips n im doin thriller with my group n i gotta find costumes anyy help??

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