Michael Jackson Thriller costume for Halloween

If you remember last Halloween I bought two costumes, not sure if they’d both arrive in time. I bought a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket on eBay and a Jedi Knight Star Wars costume from Cloth Ears.

I decided to wear the Jedi costume, as it was marginally more expensive, and that proved to be a wise choice (as the photos in last year’s Halloween blogs show).

Well this year it’s the turn of Jacko and the Thriller costume. Now, I only have the Thriller leather jacket as I didn’t buy the full costume pictured here, so I’ll need to find some red trousers from somewhere, and a mullet wig… who do I know who has a mullet? Hmm…

Any road, it’ll be a good night and I will no doubt end up drunkenly busting some Thriller dance moves at some point, so expect the photos to make it here eventually.

Darren Jamieson

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