Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate

I returned home last night when it was pissing down with rain (in Manchester, go figure) to find a card through my door from the Home Delivery Network. There was no order number on it and none of the fields were filled in, but there was some pen scrawled on the top displaying the words ‘Round Side’.

Not sure what this meant I figured maybe there was a parcel left round the side of the house, so I looked. There was nothing there. Then I thought what if they’ve chucked it over the 6 foot hight gate? I hope not, it’s a very high gate, a long way for a parcel to fall and it’s been pouring down all day.

I went out to look and sure enough there was a parcel from Amazon sat a pool of water next to our bin. Jesus Christ, what sort of arsehole does this?

I decided evidence was in order so I took photos of the parcel as I opened it, you can see from the pics that the water had seeped into the box. It would, it had been there all frickin’ day.

I also have a computer coming from Amazon. I hope to fuck they don’t use the Home Delivery Network for that one. I doubt it’ll stand a 6 foot drop into a pool of water. What a bunch of fucking morons. Come on Amazon, sort it out.

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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513 thoughts on “Home Delivery Network toss my parcel over the gate”

  1. Some of you people are so funny!
    I am a HDNL driver.
    I work 6 days a week, 13hrs a day.
    I try my hardest to deliver every single item of mail I carry.
    I knock the door, if no answer I will try 3 or 4 neighbours, if still no answer I will look for a safe place on your property to leave it… bearing in mind that 9 times out of 10, where there is a special instruction stating ‘leave in shed if nobodys home’ or similar, then to find the shed is locked… doh idiot!

    Out of the 80 – 100 deliveries I get a day, around 15 will be new addresses to me, so that means I need to find them.
    I have a rural round, so most deliveries are to farms and named properties.

    Have any of you tried to find a named house in the middle of nowhere, that has no visible sign or name post direct me to the property?
    I’ll tell you this, its bloody hard, some times impossible to do.

    Use a satnav, you might say.

    Fine, except there are plenty of places that have the same post code spread over a mile area or more, so thats no help.

    How about if its a house in the middle of a town with a number?

    ok, try this, drive up a busy street looking for number 87, out of 100s of doors without any numbers on them, no where to park because the minute you stop a traffic warden is after you, and when you do manage to park, you knock on a few doors to ask what number they are, and nobody answers!

    Its so easy to slag me and my collegues off, but are you actually doing anything to help?

    If you order something to be delivered, why dont you have the common decency to make sure your house name/number is clearly on view to people on the street?

    Any you lot say about not being able to take a few days off work to await a delivery.

    Well there is a fix to that.
    Nominate a day and pay a bit extra!

    To the idiot who says he didnt want lots delivered to his work place, and wouldnt take time off to stay home… Well how the hell do you expect me to deliver to you then?

    If I buy online, I make sure I have arrangements in place to accept the delivery, so why cant you?

    You seem to think Im magic, and that you are the only person in the country I have to deliver to.
    Its simple, if you dont have an alternative delivery address, and cant be home to accept the delivery, dont order online in the first place!!

    And on this topic, do you know what makes me really laugh?

    People that pay extra money for a AM or Saturday delivery, then aren’t in to sign for it hahahah idiots!!!!

    Oh and Jay, do you really think that after driver to your door, the driver would be to lazy to ring your door bell? Moron.

    You know what, last week a had a delivery to a guy, it was bedroom furniture, big heavy boxes, anyway, he blocked his drive way with his car to stop me driving up and making a mess of his gravel *tut* so I walked the 200 – 300 yards up his drive way and asked if he could move his car.
    Do you know what his response was?

    In a plummy accent, the stuck up old git replied “you are not driving that vehicle onto my driveway, now be a good chap and bring those boxes here at once”

    Do you know what my reply was?

    “sorry sir, as there is no access to your property, due to health and safety, I have to take your parcels back to the depot”

    I smiled, wished him good day, and walked back to my van, followed by a tiriad of abuse from a snob that thought he could look down on the humble delivery driver.
    And as it is my round, he wont be getting his delivery until I receive an appology from him.

    So maybe 1 or 2 of you people should take a look at your attitude if you are haveing problems getting your mail?

    Because I tell you this, if you give me abuse for no good reason, Id ‘forget’ to take your parcel also.

    You help me, I help you, thats how it goes.

    Look down on me, abuse me, give me crap, and I promise you this, you will have good reason to moan.

    Saying that, I have only ever had 2 customers like that in 5 years, and my customers are always very polite so I do my best to keep them happy, as do most of my collegues.

  2. home delivery network? don’t touch them with a barge pole. So far they have failed to deliver on 3 consecutive days. Is this Matt guy really one of their drivers?. If so, I think we have found the answer to the problem. He wouldn’t get a job for any reputable company! Stop drinking and learn how to deliver packages.

  3. Mr Daz,
    I read some of this blog and at first was shocked by all the comments and complaints. But to be honest the more I read, the more annoying person you seem to be. Everything said or done not the way you would like it to be is wrong, everyone thinking not the way you do, is bad etc. I personally don’t think you’re capable of doing this guys job, after one day job you would start a blog crying and complaining. It’s really not that hard to understand they’ve got choice of
    a) dropping the parcel over the gate, in this case they will get bollocking from people like you
    b) leaving the parcel in secure place, it has to be in front of the house otherwise they would have to drop it over the gate and as I don’t know any really secure place in front of any house, they would get bollocking from people like you again
    c) bring the parcel back to the depot, as they couldn’t deliver, where they aren’t responsible for it anymore and guess what.. get bollocking


    d) they can take a parcel, go to your house, wait all day until someone takes it off their hands, make no money, go back home, but hey, Mr Daz is happy caue his parcel is finally in his hands!
    How hard is it to understand that we get good and bad employees everywhere and the way company works mostly depends on management, not employees. Who’s going o work his ass off for a company like this one? You can call them what you want, including twat, like you did, but what for? The only reason that comes to my mind is just to show that you are arrogant egoist. If you call people twats, don’t expect them to not call you back, if you can, why can’t they? What makes you think you’re better than them?
    And let me just add as it seems you think that everyone who don’t agree with you must be, or have been, driver for hdnl. I don’t work for them, or any other company of this kind, never have and don’t know any of their employees.

  4. I too order quite a bit from Amazon and HDNL is the worst delivery service I have ever had, Takes ages to deliver if delivered at all, yet all the other delivery companies deliver on time and can find the place with easer.

    There is no respect for the packages is would seem and for the customer. The sooner amazon drop hdnl the better.

  5. Well, I’m pretty happy to be back here. I ordered 2 DSs from Hong Kong, parcel was sent on 3/08, so that’s just 6 days ago. I got my hdnl tracking number, working fine and regularly updated since the first day. The website stated I’ll get it on 10th, that would be tomorrow but as it was for my bored kids (school holidays lol) I rescheduled my delivery for the first day available, today. I rang local depot today to make sure my parcel was coming, where the lady just asked for my tracking number and told me it was on it’s way already. Guess what, it came today, no problems at all. I have no number on my house, don’t live off main street and the driver did find me … Just want to say thank you to ndhl to great service I received, from the very beggining until today. And to make you even happier Mr Daz, it seems the more reasons you get to moan and swear at others, the happier you get… When I ordered I was told that delivery will take 9 to 12 working days, it took 6 😛 Thank you hdnl driver for making my kids happy and my life more quiet…

  6. Janda, yes Im very much for real thank you very much.
    What makes you think I wouldn’t get a job with a ‘reputable’ company?

    What do you class as reputable anyway?

    Could you tell me, exactly why you are attempting to pick a fight with me?

    Rather sad wouldn’t you say?

    I love the ‘stop drinking’ comment, you do realise humans need water to live?

    I would also like to know how I am the ‘root’ of the problem, as you put it?

    Now, knowing the inside workings of HDNL like I do, I really do find it very hard to beleive that you, or anybody for that matter, would have 3 missed delivery dates… or maybe you just wern’t in to accept the delivery?
    (expecting a reply stating you were in all day long for 3 days 😉 )

    Andrew, you say it takes ages for HDNL to deliver Amazon goods, but you do know Amazon only pay for 72 hour delivery?
    If you want next day or 48hr, there is an extra charge.

    You are also guaranteed the 24hr delivery, or you get your delivery fee refunded.

  7. It seems pretty obvious to me that the HDN just basically bring in as many parcels as they possibly can, then make bad decision after bad decision and force drivers out for 12 hour days to get as many done as possible – however possible.

    Its often not possible to deliver them all so they get complaints.

    So then the drivers start becoming less and less “professional” (e.g. throwing over gate, arriving at properties and leaving quickly, lying about making delivery attempts, delivering somewhere else just to say they’ve done it) just to get rid of the parcels, because they need to get rid of them for targets & pay & to keep their jobs.

    The drivers get frustrated and lose calmness and then develop the attitude that you can see some have adopted above. It won’t apply to all, but it obviously applies to some.

    The bottom line is that most delivery companies are very good. You order a next day parcel and it arrives the next day. HDN are notoriously bad now – REALLY bad! Customers are paying for a service and they are not getting it – often causing them great expense. How much do you value your days off? Would you waste 2-3 just waiting for a delivery?

    When a parcel is taken out and brought back 3 times or more (as is in my case) it just looks like pure incompetence and so the drivers should be able to see why people are so angry.

    But when you see what the drivers are being asked to do, its obvious that the MANAGEMENT of the company is incompetent. My 3 failed deliveries are all because the driver ran out of time. Its out again now and I wonder if the management allows people to do alternate routes otherwise I will never receive my package!?

    What I don’t get is why the big companies like Amazon and Dabs still use HDN? One of the key aspects of an internet company – and Amazon and Dabs in particular stood out for this in their early phases(!!) is that they must delivery very promptly. People (Who work) don’t have time to wait around for parcels.

    Its probably in everyone’s best interests that Amazon and Dabs and co all ditch HDN. Then customers would get their parcels on time and the HDN drivers wouldn’t have such ridiculous missions every day. It would only hurt the morons at the top.

    Very much reminds me of the banking crisis – lets get all these customers in so we get our nice cars and bonuses and then work out the issues later! Oh wait…. we’re screwed… someone bail us out!!

  8. Gaz mate you are very close to the truth there.

    I have a large rural round, and cover about 300miles per day.
    My round target is a minimum 67 drops per day.

    Now, when you take in to consideration road conditions, extreme weather, people refusing to display the name/number of their property so its visable to passing traffic, and the large distances I have to drive from 1 delivery to the next, Im sure you can understand the time constraints I face.

    Sometimes I can struggle to make 7 deliveries in an hour, and I know my route like the back of my hand!

    My route takes me 10hours a day, and as I said. I know my customers and route very well, so luckily all of my customers are happy with the service they receive.


    What happens when I take a holiday?
    The management replace me with an agency driver.
    Yes, Im sure he is a very capable guy, but putting him on my route, when he has no idea where to go, and expecting him to do as many deliveries as me, is not just unfair, its stupid.

    And thats why these problems are happening.

    The top managers are constantly taking on more contracts, which means a higher workload, and more pressure.

    When I reach my round target, I simply cant take any more, or the parcel will have a ride in the van, then go back to the depot, because I run out of time.

    So, once I reach my target, I then sort the remaining parcels into smallish delivery area, and put them to one side.
    I then tell my line manager there are parcels left that must be delivered that day, my line manager then gets an agency driver, gives him a van and some parcels, then wishes him a nice day.

    The thing is though, the agency drivers are expected to deliver exactly the same as me, and they are told if they dont, then they wont be required to work any more.

    So, obviously when the pressure rises, and times running out, they have no option but to rush the job and cut corners.

    Yes, leaving parcels on door steps in the rain etc.

    But thats not all the drivers fault.
    The management say its ok to leave the parcel, even in the rain, if its second or third class, because thats the service thats paid for!

    Its so easy to blame the driver, and yes there are some awful drivers, but dont tar us all with the same brush.

    Mind you, there are plenty of arrogent, snobbish idiots like Mr Daz that dont help either.

    After all, if you were constantly abused by people day in and day out, whether its your fault or not, would you honestly do the very best job you were able to?

    The likes of Amazon, dabs, tesco, etc use HDNL for a few reasons.
    Firstly, obviously, price.
    Secondly, HDNL are the only company, apart from royal mail that deliver to EVERY post code area
    Third, in the grand scheme of things, the relatively low (4.7%) of failed / incorrect deliveries are simply an acceptable loss, that HDNL reimberse the company for.

    Now, dont forget HDNL own DHL europe, and the home shopping group, (including ALL catalogue companies, Argos, and Studio) so because of that in its self, the top management really dont give a damn about the poor service being given to the customers.
    The only people that actually do seem to worry about customer service are the drivers, and poor women answering the phone!

  9. HDNL – Well, just to add my two bob….. I have been trying to get in touch with HDNL to apply for a job! There is no website or e-mail contact to send a CV to, just an 0871 recruitment line number (which is expensive to call from a mobile). Time and time again I’ve got the message that my call and number has been registered and someone will get back to me, well I’m still waiting and thats now been 3 days.

    Not very encouraging to say the least! Don’t even think I’ll bother with the job now, even if they do get back to me – you never know, pigs might fly afterall – and going by the posts on here, the flying pigs would probably do a better job at the parcel deliveries as well!

    Pissed off work seeker in South Ayrshire!

  10. I should add that I have not had any dealings with the HDNL delivery drivers.
    My complaint is merely to highlight the point that if the staff within the offices cannot be relied upon to carry out their duties, then how in heaven’s name can we expect things to be organised enough to allow the delivery drivers to do their job effectively!
    As with any job or industry – if the proper procedures are put in place – then things would be able to run a lot more smoothly!
    I talk from experience, my husband is a Class 1 lorry driver, who is doing multi-drop. The company he works for have been putting far too many pallets on the trailer for one man to make all the deliveries. Needless to say, my poor husband is getting dogs abuse as some deliveries are late or not made until the next day. Not his fault!!! If the office were able to organise themselves properly, then there would be extra drivers out there, sharing the work load and ensuring everyone got there goods when they were due!!! (And it’s not HDNL or any of the large companies he works for – these problems are happening everywhere!)

  11. i fuckin hate this company …. i have beeb trying to get my delivery for about a week and they suppossed to have come to my house AND I WAS NOT THERE …. ‘bullshit’ i was in all day PLUS i didnt get a card … when i rang they said that they was unable to enter the premisss???? how is this possible when i live in a HOUSE ,…. ring the door bell ….. simple …. i asked them to reorder TODAY …. and they didnt even bother … i called again and it was still in the port … whatever they said .. so am pickin it up on monday …. WHAT A WASTE …. iam going to get my money bk for delivry if its the last thing i do …..i really want to complain but dont know where to go .. please some one help .me … I WILL be showing these massages to them and espicially the ones from the employees …

  12. redman …..

    to every driver thats saying i will not confront u …. I WILL FUCKIN SPIT ON UR FACE …. bruv and what?????

    dnt fuck with me and my delivery .. i ordered a Blackberry …. n if sum dickhead throw that shit over my gate???? BEST BELIEVE I WILL HUNT the mother fucker down i will go to mitcham on monday n best believe u will hear it on the news

    DNT FUCK WITH ME …. u stupid little dickhead bullshit people HOW DARE YOU …. if ur sooooo under pressure and are not gettin paied enough GET ANOTHER JOB … wasteman

    ya’ll cant tellme shit .. i own 2 BUSINESS come to my address and see what im driving mother fucker … YH brand new 10plate BMW ist series COUPE

    if u wanna get sumwhere in life go and do sumfin about it .. n if u cant do wat ur doing BUT DO IT WITH A SMILE ON UR FACE ….WASTE OF SPACE U ARE .. if i was to ever know who u are id slap the shit outta u ….

  13. AT MATT…. please next time i order somthing and i have this company again … could i ask 4 u 2deliver it …..??? FANX coz if i help u and u help me there will be no problem …. the problem is me waitin at home 4 NO SHOW …thats the problem …ive never had a problem B4 i evven ordered from HONGKONG and my delievery was late by 1day BUT I WAS NOTIFIED … and with that i have no problem with …. u see im REALLY a nice person believe it or not but wen people take my kindness 4 weakness TAHTS WEN ULL see a side to me dat ud neva thought ….

  14. Tania, it sounds to me like the driver simply didnt have time to get to you.
    He would have had a target amount to deliver on that round, and failure to deliver or ATTEMPT to deliver, is a disiplinary offence.

    If the driver was/is a relief driver, then it is very likelly he doesnt know the round.
    So, if he doesnt know the round, there is no way in the world that he could deliver the same number of parcels as the regular driver.
    So what does the relief driver do?
    When he gets to the end of his driving hours, and finds he has parcels still to deliver, he simply logs them as ‘nobody home’ or ‘no access to property’.
    That way it looks like he attempted delivery, and avoids disiplinary action.

    Im not making excuses for him at all, and I really dont want you to think I am.

    Yes, the driver is to take a portion of the blame, but the majority of it belongs with the management.

    The managers make drivers take more deliveries than they can physically manage.
    Because its cheaper to piss off a few customers than to get an agency driver in to take a few parcels out!!

    I hope you have got your parcel, and I hope you gave the manager ALOT of shit!!

  15. Tania

    You sound like a thoroughly unpleasant person, and I find it hard to believe that anyone who types, spells, uses such foul language, and has such a horrible attitude towards other people could possibly own two businesses.

    At least not legitimate ones.

    We’ve all not received parcels when we want or been cross at drivers doing stupid things with our parcels, but that’s no excuse not to behave like a decent human being.

  16. @ Tania…holy fuck, your English is horrible! Unless your about 14 years old, there is no need to ‘text speak’ like that. It sounds utterly retarded. :-/

  17. @Diki

    If you’re going to take the piss out of people for their use of the English language, first learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” – you just make yourself look stupid.

  18. “Mr Daz shut the fuck up you pathetic piece of toilet scum.”

    Let me guess… HDNL delivery driver yeah?

    I jest, I know you are… it’s just funny that you manage to reinforce the image this site has built up of them over the last few years.

  19. i just had a HDNL from a clothing store, the little filthy chav just dumped it outside and run off , didnt even other to ring bell or knock , i was inside watching tv.

    the package could of easily been stolen, im in a busy redential street

    what a bunch of bloody chav little retards , you know what HDNL , go f**K URSELVES YOU FU**** IDIOTS

  20. Oh sorry daz, Im a delivery driver, obviously that means Im not allowed an opinion, obviously thats been reserved for you!

    I take it your a traffic warden!!


    Bullied at school were you?

  21. Bullied at school? No. Paid attention, yes; hence why I know the difference between your and you’re, and why “you’re” a delivery driver… and you can’t even do that right.

  22. I have been told there were three different drivers who tried delivering my parcel.
    I missed the first delivery because I had to go out after waiting till 1pm on friday. I promptly scheduled the delivery for monday on hdnl website, but it didn’t show up. So I rescheduled another delivery for tuesday and again a no show. When I called up their precious 0871 number one of the good customer service person puts me on hold for 16 minutes then redirects the call to the main menu after taking down the details of the parcel. He didn’t confirm whether its to be delivered anytime or not.
    I called again to be told that they have misplaced my parcel in the depot and that’s the reason they couldn’t deliver on both days(And the good tracking system on the website still said the parcel is safe in the depot).
    On Wednesday the second driver couldn’t gain access to my apartment because there was a bar and punch code system in front(In reality its a open drive-in and a street in front with lots of parking space and there is no bar or punch code system in front, god bless their navigation system).
    He probably tried delivering it to the apartment in front of mine.

    Today being thursday, though I had been home all day long waiting I never hear a buzzer sound even once and at around 5pm found another calling card claiming it to be 2nd attempted delivery is stuck at the apartment doorstep.

    Is this some crappy game these drivers play to get back at the company in some way.

    Or is this big time corporate money minting process where customers call their precious 0871 number and lose more money per minute.

    I wonder if the item actually left the sender’s local depot in first place.

  23. Sorry MrDaz, didn’t know you were a fully paid up member of the grammer police. There is a difference between my missing out a hyphen and some twat typing like she’s sending a text message. I came here to read others views on HDNL shitty service, not to argue. I wont be coming back here to read any witty replies, so just go fuck yourself, eh?

  24. At the risk of being draw into a pathetic internet arguement, I would like to know how I’m not doing my job properlly?
    I would like to see a proper case put forward to back up your slanderous claim.

    I would also like to tell you why I work for HDNL.
    Living in Devon, job opportunities or minimal, and the average wage is minimum.
    There are a couple of choices to earn a reasonable living, the first being catering.
    I am a qualified and experianced by `10 years as a grade 1 chef.

    The second choice is courier work.

    I was sick of catering, so courier work was my next choice.
    It pays very well, much better than most in the area, so it was an easy change for me.

    Now to your pathetic dig at education and spelling.
    1. I can spell, but your pathetic blog isn’t worth my effort to double check for missing letters that my laptop has an annoying habit of doing.

    2. I have 3 Alevels and a degree, also 13years of on the job life skills, that doesnt include sitting on my lazy backside in an office, playing on the internet all day, looking down my nose and judging people simply because I have nothing better to do!

    I may only be a delivery driver, as you put it, but thats my choice.
    I am well paid, I have a home and nice car to show for it, I have a great bunch of freinds, and am happy with my life.

    Judging by your bitter blogs, you are anything but happy, infact I feel quite sorry for you.

    Yes there maybe some crap HDNL drivers, we all know there are, but I guarantee for every crap 1 there are dozen hard working drivers that do their best to satisfy misserable, ungrateful and stuck up assholes like yourself Mr Daz.

    You need to do yourself a favour, get your ugly head away from the computer, pull back the curtains, and see some day light.
    Theres a whole world out there you know!


  25. You won’t come back Diki? Oh, that’s a shame. We’ll mourn the loss of your intellect. Just for the record too, the difference between “your” and “you’re” isn’t missing out a hyphen – guess even when it’s pointed out you’re still stumped.

  26. I’m sorry Matt, you’re quite right, you’re doing a sterling job – if by sterling job you mean going onto a public website while representing your employer and abusing customers with foul language that is. I do hope we get some employees like you some day.

  27. IM not representing anyboby my dear Mr Daz, I am speaking a personal oppinion.

    Abusing customers?
    How about people like you abusing people trying to make a honest living?

    There are good and bad in every walk of life, and every profession throughout then planet, so what gives you the right to slag off the whole workforce of the biggest private delivery company in the United Kingdom?
    Oh I know, its a single bad experiance you may have had!

    I had my shopping delivered yesterday by sainsburys, they were an hour late, and I had 2 broken eggs, but hey, thats life!! I didnt go making a whole website dedicated to slagging them off did I?

    Yes there are problems affecting some people, which isnt acceptable, but things are changing alot to put it right.

    Are you telling me you have never had lost post from Royal mail, or damaged letters?

    Pull your head out your ass and wake up!

    Choose life!!
    Go over yourself, and move on!

  28. 1. I ordered an item from Kays at the weekend.
    2. I selected an available delivery slot for the 31st of August (between 5pm and 9pm), I did this because it was the most convenient option available to me and for the rest of this month I will be in hospital, receiving regular treatments for a seriously debilitating issue regarding my legs.
    3. Home Delivery Network are the couriers for my parcel and they never showed up, they never bothered to contact me to inform me of a delay.
    4. I used a tracking number on their website which returned a page of very little information that showed that my parcel was loaded onto a van at the warrington Depot at 6:15am, then it was placed in the warehouse at 7am AND THEN placed in a van again at 7:15am.
    5. Is it me, have I done something wrong, is it bad karma for a past life of evil-doing and bad behaviour?
    6. I just want my parcel, I don’t want to have to travel all the way to warrington (I don’t own a car and I can’t drive in my current condition anyway), as I’ve had to do for every other item that HDN have failed to deliver in the past.

    I’m sorry for ranting and whining like this, but it helps to get it off my chest, a little.


  29. The problem is the fact that they lie, ‘we tired to deliver but no one was in’……when you’re sat at home all day waiting!! I have had to take three days off work and still nothing, my 4 year daughter starts school tomorrow and STILL doesn’t have all her uniform……is it really fair on her?

  30. Steve, I have heard on the grape vine that the Warrington depot is in an awful mess mate.
    lack of staff, excess work, and immigrants are all the problems, not that it should reflect on your delivery at all of course.

    There is an unofficial line that catalogue deliveries (kays, littlewoods etc) take a second class preferance to companies like Amazon, Argos, Tesco, M+S etc, simply because all of these catalogue companies are owned by HDNL!

    So, when there is a large volume of deliveries, then the catalogue stuff is pushed to the end of the queue.

    This really is not fair, and it doesnt happen in all depots, but it is common place.

    However, you say you booked on evening delivery, obviously at extra cost to you.

    All timed deliveries (am, pm, evening etc) are given the same preference and MUST be delivered.
    If they are not delivered at the specified time, then the driver gets a warning, and the DTM (manager) gets a stern ticking off, failure is not an option.

    BUT we all know that at times these deliveries dont happen, like in your case.

    What happens is in the morning when the van is loaded, the DTM gives the driver his timed parcels, the driver then signs a manifest to say he has them and will deliver them.
    When you arrive back at the depot in the evening, the evening DTM checks what time the deliveries are made, and if they are not made between the correct times, or if the parcels are not delivered, then the DTM takes a written statement from the driver, and passes it to the general manager.

    The only acceptable reason of non delivery is either extreme weather, vehicle break down, driver illness, or customer not home.

    If I were you, I would contact the depot an ask what reason the driver gave for non delivery, and demand the parcel is delivered the next day.

    This sort of thing really annoys me, I work bloody hard to ensure all of my deliveries are done on time, as do my collegues in Newton Abbot, but idiots like these up country that give us all a bad name.

  31. Matt is right.
    My parcel was scheduled for delivery today (3rd Sept). I didnt specify a time so it did not arrive until late evening. The driver had been working all day covering endless miles yet was still courteous, helpful and cheerful. Although he was still a good hours drive from depot he did not complain in any way.
    Which depot was it??? Newton Abbot of course. Well done.
    NOTE:- I do not have relatives or friends that work for HDNL

  32. Hi All,

    I ordered a new monitor from dabs.com on friday for a saturday delivery, it wasn’t until I got an email from dabs with delivery details that I found out that HDNL would be delivering it….. did some home work on the company and found this site…. I nearly shit myself after reading alot of the comments on the site.

    But it turned out good in the end as i got my monitor just after 12pm..box in good condition… and driver buzzed my flat…

    but I think in future I will double check which courier is used before ordering…from companies like dabs

  33. Eric,
    Thankyou for the positive feedback, it really is greatly appreciated, especially on sites like this that bitter people create after a single bad experiance!

    Andrew, can I ask why you would be hesitant using HDNL again if you had a perfect delivery this time?
    If you look at the dates of the complaints posted here, you will notice they are spread over a period of years, and only a couple a month popping up.
    Combine that with the millions of deliveries made successfully every month, I think it speaks for its self.


  34. I know that using any delivery company you can have problems…. I don’t have a problem with that… everything I have ordered in the past has been sent by one of the big boys (always had great service)…. I had never heard of HDNL until the other week.

    its not that I would be hesitant using HDNL again…. it’s checking the websites of dabs… and co to see which delivery companies they use… and If I have not heard of them before…. then do some research before using them.

  35. Well I got a power supply sent to me from amazon using this company and have to say didnt have any problems. I think it must be an city area thing. Like if you are down south i.e. London I bet they dont give a monkies about your parcel as dense population = more busy delivery drivers. Also helps if you are in a lot at the usual delivery times. This is where I buy something and guess which day it would arrive so I should in theory be in around that day.

    I live in Nottingham where I tend to get quick post on all my items from any company. Its just when you put in your tracking number on their site on say goods loaded onto a lorry you have to wait in for them and check they are not noobs and not go the letter box side of my house. Doesnt take a genious to figure it out but seen so many drivers go round the wrong side first to a locked gate like everyone elses in my area on the road side.

    I only had a problem with one City Link driver I waited in for THE WHOLE DAY for and never turned up and I was looking out for him THE WHOLE DAY. Had to ring up their head office to give them a piece of my mind but at least got it early the next day. The driver on his notes said he visited and said “white door” as a desciption. I mean wtf everyone has white PVC doors now days and he didnt even leave a card either side of the house like he should do which is City Link company rules. I held myself back from giving the driver that delivered the item the next day a peace of my mind as dont know if it was actually him that did it I just didnt say thanks to him at all.

    Got a webcam coming soon via UPS must be the only delivery company I havent recieved post by yet. I hope they let you put their tracking number on their website easy as peeking at their site you have to be registered it appears? I must have only seen one UPS van visit my area ever so a bit worrying.

  36. I have never had one parcel/package delivered by this company which was not damaged. In the most recent case, a bottle of champagne and glasses (marked FRAGILE) from Marks and Spencer was thrown through our porch window, which is 6 feet above the ground. It landed on plants and pots, breaking them and causing all sorts of mess and damage. I complained and was sent a letter asking for an estimate of damage. I wrote back to tell them, then received a letter from possibly the country’s worst customer service rep, Jon-Paul Lavin, saying that they did not recompense for ‘consequential damage’, and that I needed two letter-headed quotations to prove the loss. Seriously: they want an insurer to come to my house to measure the damage to plants and pots which were cleaned up 2 months ago? And if they don’t compensate for consequential loss, then their moron drivers can vandalise people’s houses on company time and not be held accountable?

    What a shower of excrement this company is. Bunch of crooks.

  37. Lisa,
    As an employee of hdnl, and knowing the policies as I do, I can honestly say I dont beleive a word you had just typed!

    Maybe you had a late delivery and thats why your whining.

    Get a grip woman!

  38. I’ve never waited so long for an time from Amazon, why on earth have they started using these monkeys. i used to get excellent next day delivery and first class service from Amazon, not I begining to lose faith.

    Ok, ordered my goods on the 8th Sept, unknowingly to me hdn tried to deliver my parcel on the 13th – but they didn’t leave a card so I had no idea. I chased up Amazon and after checking their system they told me to call them and rearrange delivery.

    Five days ago (Sat) I booked the redelivery for today, didn’t arrive. At 5ish I called their depo after much searching for a local number (not the rip of 0870 number) to see where they were as I had taken a day of work to receive the item. Guy on phone said it’s not on the system for redelivery! Bollocks, I told him I had rebooked it and taken a bloody day of work, guy says, “oh, the system must have been down and didn’t accept the booking”, well, how on earth did a system take my booking if it was down I said, guy couldn’t answer that!

    So, 15 days later, I’m still waiting for my parcel. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. God Amazon, sort it out, these are cowboys!!! God knows what is going to happen to our postal system when this government privatises the postal system, sure, it will go the same way of all our there utilies, excessively expensive and crap service – a bit like the trains!!!! God help us!!!!

  39. Ordered an item from Amazon on monday, sent by HDNL…
    tracked it til today when it was stated as out for delivery.
    I am off work today so stayed in all day for it.

    At 3pm it, had not came so I checked tracking again and its down as Delivered at 11.54! WTF!
    No card left, checked outside, in bins etc, nothing, knocked neighbours on both sides, they dont have it…

    Rang HDNL who says its showing delivered and signed for, but sig unreadable, ‘looks like S something, maybe S Hilton??’ she said (nothing like my surname), they said would get info from driver but that takes 48hrs, and was told to contact Amazon in meantime.
    Rang Amazon who didnt seem surprised at all, and are sending another to me by next day!

    Christ knows who has my parcel, but I dont!!!
    What a crappy delivery service!!!

  40. I fully agree with you. been trying to look for an email to complain to these monkies and i cant seem to find one. had a parcel delivered from 24 studio. Also came home and found a card through my door with no details filled in but a pencil scribble saying in was in storage. I rang around trying to figure out what this meant. Eventually a couple of days later when it came to throwing something in my outside bin… there it was… the parcel… so to them.. “storage”..meant the waste bin!!!.

    Now recently i have made another order with 24 studio but this time while tracking my parcel i have found it has been put onto the van then taken off..put on..taken off……….this has happened 3 times. So i rang HDN and they said the parcel would be delivered to me and that the driver could not allocate my property. The parcel never arrived. So i rang them again this morning and now they tell me they cannot allocate the parcel because they think it has been put on the wrong van..

    I give UP!!!!!

  41. As from last Monday, everytime a delivery is marked as delivered/attempted, the handheld PDA rcords the geo code of the driver.
    If the geo code is more than 50metres from the delivery address, it is flagged on computer, and the driver is asked to explain it to a manager upon returning to the depot.

    Not only does this stop the ‘bad apple’ drivers scanning a parcel as attempted but nobody home, even though they never visited the address, it also gives a way of tracking the item to check it wasent delivered to a wrong address by mistake.

    This not only catches out the bad drivers, but it also catches out the thousands of fraudulent claims put in by customers who say thee parcel wasent delivered!

    So, if you think your driver didnt bother to knock your door, phone the depot, ask for the geo code, and put it into google maps.

    Hopefully this will stop the non deliveries, it has already lead to 3 drivers being suspended from my depot.

    As for the comments about me being some ‘monkey’ or any other number of insults, where do you people get off generalising like that?

    Are you telling me every employee in your work place is perfect?
    Are you also telling me you have never made a mistake?

    As for ‘Amazon just started using these monkies’
    Maybe you should rewind about 5 years when HDNL first won the contract!!

  42. It is true, HDNL are complete numpties.

    Ordered a netbook and ipod from amazon a month ago, delivered by HDNL BOTH of them returned damaged.

    Then last week I ordered a new tv from amazon, no choice but to have it delivered via HDNL. Delivery date and time was recorded at time of purchase (owing to the cost/size of the item I presume) as this morning between the hours of 8 am and 12 noon.

    Knowing the deal with HDNL I rang them at 12:30 only to be told, and I quote:

    “you’re parcel is in the warehouse, there has been a problem with deliveries and nothing has gone out this week”

    I ask for the phone number of the depot so I could go round and pick it up myself, the reply:

    “We do not give out depot phone numbers”

    I then said I want this t.v. at my address today, I and another family member have both taken the day off work to wait in for this t.v. to get it set up, to which she replied:

    “I will get a manager to ring you back

    After waiting 30 minutes for the return call, I went to amazon and rang them.

    As ever, amazon were extremely helpful and placed me on hold while they spoke with HDNL.

    She returned after a few minutes to inform me that while she could get through to HDNL nobody could answer her questions, and that her manager would look into this and get back to me as soon as they had found out what was happening.

    By this time, I took the decision to inform Amazon that I would like to cancel the order and that they should inform HDNL to return the item straight back to them.

    Ten minutes later HDNL rang me up and said:

    “I believe there has been a problem with delivery of a large parcel”.

    I replied with yes, however, I have just instructed Amazon to inform you that the parcel should be returned to amazon.

    To which the lady responded:

    “yes, we have just received that notification”


    At which point she said thank you and goodbye.

    WTF? lol they are a quality professional outfit.

    Three reasons why I cancelled the order, are that I will just go and buy it off the high street, I want amazon to realise why they are losing money, and I was not prepared to take another days holiday on the off chance that HDNL should have the good grace to decide to deliver my parcel.

    I am shocked to see that these problems have been recorded online since 2005.

    The minute they lose the contract with Amazon, is the minute I return to amazon.

  43. I have wasted the last couple of hours ranting at some poor minion at Amazon about HDNL, who not only left a sodden parcel disintegrating in a cold, wet puddle in the pouring rain the other day, have blatantly and shamelessly bullshitted about attempting to deliver to my house at a time when I was, funnily enough, sat in my front room waiting for an overdue parcel. The tracking details then suggested the parcel had been delivered, even though I was fumingly empty-handed at home. They would, Amazon glacially reminded me, ‘be making one final attempt at delivery on Oct 8th’. FINAL delivery? FINAL? WANKERS! Bunch of thieving, Sport-reading, chav, pikey, braindead chimp drivers with chips on their shoulders and a fuck-you attitude to the customers that are paying their unearned wages. Tosspots. Amazon can afford to dump these fuckers and get someone else in. Why don’t they? Greed and couldn’t really give a shit as long as the majority shareholders don’t get any heat.

  44. And how many HDNL employees have come on here in another guise trying to falsely improve their rep? Laughable. Do a crap job then bullshit about it – are they all scousers or something?

  45. I hate HDN. Their nearest depot is 40 miles from my house meaning if I am out when the parcel comes I cant just go and collect it from a near depot like I could with DHL, ParcelForce, City Link, UPS etc
    I wish people would just stop using their services. Every time I purchase something & the person decides to use this company its trouble for me. Its going to cost me £15 in petrol to go and get the damn parrcel. They should have nearer depots like other companies.
    Also they dont like to give customers a way to contact them. to complain.Their email address seems to be non existant.

  46. At least they threw your parcel over your own wall, today I’ve had a £100 electrical item thrown over a wall & railings 8 foot high at the entrance to a house 300 metres away from ours.

    Luckily for me the honest house owner found the parcel at the bottom of his long drive and tracked me down. Had the owners been away neither I or the depot would have known where the parcel was.

    Needless to say a formal written complaint has been made, I will wait for an answer…..

  47. Ordered a package from amazon 2 days ago- this is my first dealing with HDNL.
    Paid for next day delievery, and my package hasn’t turned up. ):

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