Torfaen Council contact me!

You might remember my problems with Torfaen Council where they wanted to (and eventually did without my being there) go to court to insist I paid them council tax for a house I not only didn’t live in, but couldn’t even enter. Well it seems that the guys at Torfaen Council are avid Google users as they found my post on page 1 of Google for a search on Torfaen Council.

I received this email from Ben Black.

I picked up your mention of Torfaen Council on your blog about an issue you have with council tax. Can you contact my colleague *** ***** on ***.***** or call 01495 ******. She will be able to check your address and look into your problem.

Once again it seems being a position to go public has paid off. I called Ben’s colleague and she seems quite willing to help out. I’ll send her the details next week by email and fax and we’ll see what happens.

I hope it goes off soon as I’ve had another letter since stating that the bailiffs now have permission to enter the house and remove property to cover the bill. I hope they don’t, they’ll be breaking a court order if they do!

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