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Just buy Toys launches using Affiliate Shop Window

The network Affiliate Window recently launched a great system called ‘Shop Window’ where you can take code written by them that imports all of the available merchant feeds direct to your website. It means you can create your own Affiliate site in minutes, and with a little website design flair and CSS knowledge you can customise the website to your heart’s content.

With this in mind we’ve just launched the website through Just Search. It contains product feeds from many of the major merchants in the toy industry such as Toys R Us, The Entertainer and Woolworths and features category pages for toys like Barbie, Bratz and my personal obsession; Transformers.

Just buy Toys

Have a look at the site, browse around and buy some toys! Seriously, you don’t need to buy any toys if you don’t want to, but the website is a shining example of how Affiliate Window’s ‘Shop Window’ can be used and customised.

Naturally we’ll be making a few of these now in different sectors and promoting them using natural SEO. I’m so excited I could rip a tissue.

Just buy Toys - Optimus Prime

If you want to create your own affiliate site like Just buy Toys then you can sign up to Affiliate Window and get designing.

Tips to save money with your online business

Scott Wainner, one of the oldest (by that I mean long-standing, not ancient and decrepit) online money makers has posted a great tip on his new blog about saving money on your travel by starting a travel reviews website and declaring all travel expenses as business expenses. Thus they are tax deductible!

Nice tip eh?

Well I’ve been doing something similar for years now. I own the website WhatDVD.Net, which reviews DVDs and Films, so naturally any movie related expenses I incur are legitimately offset against earnings as I review the films and DVDs I see and buy.

It doesn’t stop there either, as I also run 3 Transformers websites whenever I buy a Transformer, which is often, the cost of the little sucka is once against offset against earnings for tax. This is all perfectly legit as they are used for money making ventures. For example, I recently purchased the Ultimate Edition Bumblebee at a mind blowing £79.99… ouch. Thankfully, because of the review on TheTransformers.Net the money spent on him can be offset.

Nice tip huh? Remember it has to be legit, so start those websites now.