Lose or loose?

As many of you know, a great many things annoy me. One of them is the utter lack of ability of many people to correctly spell the word ‘lose’.

It’s not frickin’ hard. There’s one ‘o’, not two. When you’re writing words such as ‘loser’ – to describe Manchester United when they 2-1 to Liverpool last month, or ‘losing’ when you’re describing how you’ll be ‘losing weight’ you just use one ‘o’.

Why do so many people write ‘loosing’ or ‘loose’?

Loose is a completely different word, for example: By Jove my dear, your twat is really loose, I could drive a bus through there.

See, it’s easy? Get it right and stop pissing me off.

American racist thinks he’s insulting Obama

Next week America goes to the polls to decide whether they’re going to elect another Republican who can’t string a sentence together, or whether they’re going to elect a black man who many Americans have stated “scares them”.

Obama is clearly the more intelligent man and would make a better leader. He has ideas to take the USA forward and represents a bright future. McCane is a war veteran, that’s about it. Will America elect a black man president? Not if the guy who left this comment on the Just Search website has his way. The post was about how Obama has used the Internet to further boost his campaign, but some racist moron thinks that the post was made by Obama, and that he could post a comment expecting Obama to reply to him personally. Naturally I didn’t approve this comment, but thought I’d paste it here because idiots like this really do need to be exposed.

Jason Hill
http://jahill.hill17@gmail.com | jahill.hill17@gmail.com |

If you are elected will it be ok for white people to have a white college fund, a miss white america, an all white college, a million white man march, a 100 white men of america (from each state), a white entertainment television, and all the other things that blacks have that whites do not have that would be considered raciest if whites had and blacks did not have. I do not have the time to list the hundreds of other things that blacks have that whites do not. I am not raciest, but i was tought that we were all created equal.

You’ve gotta love it when people say ‘I’m not racist’, or ‘raciest’ – whatever that means. Still, this idiot continues:

If so than why can we not have these things without being called raciest. I would just like to hear what you had to say about these things that have always been taboo! Please respond, nobody else can give an anwser that i have asked that has anything to do with your campaign. I think that they are scared because they have no anwsers to these hard questions. If you are qualifed, you should not have any problem with any of it. Please respond asap.

And this idiot expects Obama to reply to him ASAP? If anyone else would like to reply to Jason Hill, feel free to reply here or send him an email at jahill.hill17@gmail.com.