Would you Adam and Eve it?

I’ve just heard that my car is now sat on my parents driveway. What an unexpected turnaround eh? Seems that Malcolm Williams did remember saying there was no charge for fixing the radiator, and they’ve dropped the car off at my parents house.

Of course, this could pose a problem for the money grabbing ex-wife, as she’s been paid out by the insurance company for my car. Sadly she wouldn’t speak to me, and she’d instructed the insurance company to do the same, so I had no way of telling her that I had the car back.

I sure do hope she hasn’t spent the 6K, that would be a shame. She’d have no way to pay it back.


Malcolm Williams, where’s my car?

Seems my BMW Z3 has been fixed by the Hillcroft Garage in Langstone, Newport, finally. I contacted the recovery section of their outfit, called Hillcroft Recovery, to arrange for the car to be delivered as it’s declared off the road and I cannot drive it.

All’s good, however I received a call minutes later to notify me that the car couldn’t be released as there is a fee to pay to the value of 175 quid for the repair to the radiator.

This I thought was a little odd, if not expected. You see I arranged through the insurance company’s engineer that the cost of the radiator repair would be free as a result of all the shit I’ve been through having my car stolen from the garage in the first place. That’s the only reason I agreed to the repair of the car through them, or I’d have taken it to BMW and had the job done properly.

Of course now Malcolm Williams wants to go back on his agreement and try and scab some money out of me, even after all this time and the trauma of having my car stolen from them.

He’s a thieving bastard, and he’s not going to get away with this. Are the Hillcroft Garage and Hillcroft Recovery just a bunch of crooks? Time will tell, then so will I, right here!

SEO Links

I’ve had a tits full of people who think that by adding links to other websites onto their own site, they’ll somehow improve their ranking. What utter cod shite! Yeah sure, add a link to Google and MSN and they’ll rank you higher, why wouldn’t they?


If you owned a shop, would telling all of your customers about other shops improve your sales? Like nuts it would. “Hello, I’d like a jacket potato please” – “Why sir, they’re much better in the shop down the road, far cheaper too, why don’t you go there instead?”.

Morons. Linking to other website DOES NOT improve your bloody ranking, in any way, shape or form. Anyone who tells you it does it an utter wanktard. Laugh at them, call them names and tell them to go away and link to other sites themselves. In fact, tell them to link to yours, if they think it improves their ranking.

Actually, scratch all of that, everyone who wants to improve their ranking can link to www.mrdaz.com. I don’t mind, knock yourself out. You’ll be #1 in Google for everything then, all of you, every single one of you.

The spector of Joslin

You may remember a previous rant about how utterly useless my predecessor, Darren Joslin was?

Even now, two years on from replacing this retarded baboon, I’m still having to clean up his stinking mess. What now? Well, seems the free hosted sendmail script he used on EVERY SODDING website has been altered, thus all of the website he built don’t work any more.

I’ve already had one client phone up wondering why their contact form doesn’t work, and I’m expecting a LOT more. This is really pissing me off. Why must I continue to clean up after this toss hole???

Even came across another school girl error of his today. You CANNOT use VB Script in a HTML file, dumbass! The useless gimp, everything he’s built should be wiped clean from the Internet.