Yes it’s true, I crashed my car on Friday


Anyone who’s seen my Facebook status or has seen me in person since Friday will know that yes, on Friday night I managed to plough my car into a roundabout at something approaching 70mph.

When I say plough into, it was more hit, catch some serious air and then smack into the curb the other side. It was dark, it was very wet and I was… going too fast. I managed to blow out ALL FOUR tyres at the same time, wreck two of my alloys, damage my bumper, lose a light and dislodge some bodywork.

Probably shouldn’t have tried to take the roundabout at that speed then. To those who said my Z3 was cursed, yeah, it is.

I had three new tyres and the spare put on the next morning, but the front drivers side wheel scrapes the wheel arch when it turns full lock. This is bad. It could be because the garage have fitted the wrong tyres, which I hope is the case. It could be the bodywork is a little out of place, which would be bad. It could be because the chassis or the axle is bent, which would be very bad.

I’ll find out this weekend when I take my car for a service.

Oh the joys of driving too fast in the rain.

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6 thoughts on “Yes it’s true, I crashed my car on Friday”

  1. Well you should not be driving at such a ridiculous speed. You are endangering yourself and other road users. Hopefully the financial outlay you have had to make will make you think a bit more about how you drive.

  2. Actually Car_Safety_Campaigner, no I intend to do it again. I’m just sorry there wasn’t some homeless guy sleeping on the roundabout for me to twat into, sending the drain on society spiralling over my car.

    In fact, I’ll look out for homeless guys, or even disabled people crossing the street the next time I’m careering haplessly down the road, out of control.


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