Zucci Clothing Can Fuck Off


Are you tired of going out to the shops to buy your designer clothes?

Well never fear, the internet age is upon us and there are plenty of online shops available out there that allow me to buy what I want within a matter of minutes.

However what happens when your order is out of stock? You usually get a notification to your email informing you the product is out of stock and the money is refunded to your account.

So imagine my shock when for the first time ever I use Zucci to purchase a nice top for the weekend only to be told two hours later by email it is out of stock and that to get my money back I’d have to phone up.

You can see where this is going can’t you?

I phone the number advertised on their email and could you fucking believe it no one is there to take my chuffing call? I tried calling them 5 times within the space of an hour and nothing. I ring again just before 5.30pm to be told the office is now closed and I’d have to call back at 9.30am when they reopen.

What the fuck?? Sounds like no cunt turned up for work yesterday at all. I wouldn’t mind normally but can you imagine my horror when I call back this morning and get the same message.

This is a fairly big company and to have no customer service agents to take my call is pretty wank and shows that they don’t care. The ironic thing is that I was going to see if I could get a different top.

Well not anymore you bunch of tossers. Never before have I experienced such a piss poor service.

If you cunts are reading this, then check your email as I tried to email you about this but of course if you don’t answer telephones, I highly doubt you will answer my emails.

Here’s hoping you wake up and employ some more retards to answer your phones. Twats

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