What is a cure for hiccups?

Saturday night I was out having a wee drink or two (and found myself the last in the pub again) when I developed a bout of hiccups. In my drunken state I thought I’d try the old drinking from the glass backwards, and nearly tipped Guinness down my shirt. So, some bright spark decided she try and shock me to get rid of the hiccups.

First off she suggested I imagine a work colleague, let’s call him ‘Adam’ for argument’s sake, wearing lingerie. I felt sick, perhaps, but no respite for my hiccups.

Then, as we arrived back home, she came out with “where’s your car?”…

My hiccups disappeared instantly, given the history with my car, it’s hardly surprising.

Incidentally my car was back at the cinema, not nicked, as it has been previously.

Great cure for hiccups though!

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