What exactly is ‘British’ about British Telecom?

After emailing BT’s billing department on November 18th I have now received a reply, on December 20th. Again, like last time, they have completely missed the point and ignored my email.

Response (Svetiana Das) – 12/20/2007 02:41 PM
Dear Mr Jamieson

Thank you for your email dated 11/26/2007 regarding your BT Yahoo broadband account.

Please accept my apologies for any problems you may have experienced regarding the billing of your BT Yahoo Broadband service and the delay in answering the mail.

I have checked your BT Yahoo Broadband account and will be more than happy to assist you with your query. However for security and confidentiality reasons I would request you to please provide us with the answer to your security question i.e “what’s your mother’s maiden name?”. This is in accordance to the Data Protection Act.

Should you require further information concerning your BT Yahoo account, and would like to speak with an advisor, please contact the Billing team on 0845 600 7030 option 3, Option 2. The helpdesk is open from 8:00 am – 8:00pm Monday to Friday and. 9:00 am – 1pm Saturday. Calls are charged at Lo Call Rate.

Yours Sincerely
Svetiana Das
BT Yahoo Broadband Billing

So they want me to call them up on their 0845 number, spend several hours on hold and then get cut off like all the other times I’ve phoned them? Not bloody likely. My response was suitably lacking in patience.

You utter morons. I asked you to look at this on November 18th and it takes you over a month to reply and ask me for my security question?

This is a joke. It has to be. Surely you cannot be this bad? You must be taking the piss?

I will not be phoning your premium scam number and then getting cut off by Indians. Incidentally, why are you still called British Telecom when all I ever get are badly worded emails from Dheli?

I’ve given up trying to get a serious response from BT now as you retards just keep passing back useless emails with little or no understanding of what I’ve even asked. I suggest you forward this to someone who speaks English and ask them to check out the website it has been posted on (www.mrdaz.com) – the website where all of the shit you idiots have spouted to me over the past few months has been posted on.

Go on, send me another email on January 20th apologising for the delay, I frickin’ well dare you.


I wonder if I’ll get a decent response this time?

Darren Jamieson

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