What does Jack Tweed see in millionaire Jade Goody?

Jack Tweed and Jade Goody have finally tied the knot in a public ceremony designed to make her some more cash before she snuffs it.

Seriously though, what does Jack Tweed see in Jade? She’s one of the thickest people on the face of the planet, she’s openly racist, she’s obnoxious and she’s pig ugly. Even the fact that she’s a millionaire can’t be enough of a reason to marry her?

Unless of course you consider this fact, from the BBC website:

Goody has spoken of how Tweed, 21, proposed to her shortly after doctors told her she may only have months to live.

Ah… he’s only got to stay with her for a few months, then once she’s dead, he can inherit her cash. Makes sense now doesn’t it?

It makes even more sense when you consider the fact that Jack Tweed is actually serving time for hitting a teenager with a golf club. Clearly Jack’s a very nice lad, and deserves his terminally ill, millionaire bride.

How does someone like Jade get to be so rich in the first place? When we live in a society that rewards people like Jade Goody with fame and fortune, and girls aspire to be just like her (famous for doing nothing) instead of actually making something of themselves it’s no wonder our country is in such an economic crisis.

Now, I’m not blaming the recession on Jade Goody, but her loyal ‘fanbase’ who look upon winning the lottery or being on Big Brother as career goals has surely helped.

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4 thoughts on “What does Jack Tweed see in millionaire Jade Goody?”

  1. plzzzzzzzzz u cold hearted swine.how can u put a women down so much , hit her while she dyin, u such a sad sod, think agen,or r u,realy made of stone, we not no them personaly only wot we read,so put yur nose sumwhere else an lieve them beeeeeeeee,

  2. To be honest Laine, I’d hit her when she was up too. Come on, the woman is an ignorant racist who just so happens to have cancer. Many greater, more intelligent and kinder people than her have died of cancer, and didn’t receive half the public support she’s getting.

    Yes, what’s happened to her is bad, as it would be to anyone, but there are people more deserving of sympathy and accolades for their bravery than the moronic imbecile that is Jade Goody.

  3. I know her husbands rong. infact I think I’ve worked most of this out, but jack shouldn’t get away with it, somehow he has gotto lose that money inherentence. let me share my theory but first let me tell you it inclueds the children. anyway what happened is that when he first seen and heared about her he laid off untill she got more money and realized she had kids. That means if she has kids then he will be given more money when she is dead to help for the kids. though they dont need it because hell have a spare account to keep for them. no. 2. isn’t it funny they met eachother when jade was drunk? i think he made some sort of fake deal that made her fall in love with him straight away. second he wanted the money and got her to choise for it but by covering it up and so to give less to him she had another child.Also on her wedding night he wispered somthing to her, I’m sure it was somthing like”I’ll miss you” or “I’ll take care of the kids” and I know becausehe did it to close and didnt make eye contact. I wish I could keep him from getting it. and the poem hes about to read hes going to be given money to help make it its so fake!

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