What chance do children have?

I was just in Asda (I know, if you go to Asda you’ve gotta expect to see scum) and I was stood in the queue next to a couple with two young boys. I do fear sometimes that some children don’t have a chance in life. The total of their shopping consisted of the following:

  • 2 bags of doughnuts
  • 1 crate of cheap lager
  • 2 cans of Asda’s own brand of Red Bull

That was it. Clearly that was the tea for the evening for the mum, the dad and the two kids. I you’d seen the utter uselessnes of the father you’d realise the dispair I’m feeling right now.

Where are social services when they should be doing something?

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5 thoughts on “What chance do children have?”

  1. I spose you prefer to shop in selfridges? maybe they were getting stuff in for a halloween party for those kids. maybe they have a fridge full of food at home and needed a few extras. maybe they were minding their own business and rightly not expecting to be analysed and judged by the content of their shopping basket.

    your posts have been making me laugh but this one stinks…not of the ‘scum’ you refer to but of your snobbery.

    so there! 😛

  2. I’m sure they didn’t expect to be analysed as they shopped, looking at what the guy was wearing, he didn’t expect to leave the house either.

    You want snobbery, I can give you snobbery. This couple should have been neutered when they met up, or gassed. Whichever is cheaper for the state.

  3. Yes, but don’t you know plasma tvs and ipods have cost them a lot of money? I don’t know many people on these so called super low incomes that DON’T have a plasma tv.

    Reminds me of the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food series, quite early on there’s a mum who gives her kids crisps and fast food because she can’t afford vegetables and meat. She wimpers, whilst she is dripping in Elizabeth Duke gold and of course, there is the huge plasma tv in the front room, and she is smoking fags, which I presume she doesn’t get for free. All these take priority over the kids meals I guess?

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