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A couple of weeks ago I needed to order some business cards. I needed them fairly quick, so decided to use the online print company Vista Print. Vista Print are one of the biggest names in print and come with a lofty reputation, I felt sure they wouldn’t let me down.

That’s where I made my first mistake. Never underestimate the ability of a company to underperform when you need them most. I paid for the seven day delivery, and waited seven days hoping they’d be here sooner.

They weren’t. They never arrived at all. I emailed Vista Print to complain and received no reply, a few more days went by. I emailed Vista Print again through their feedback form on their website, this time I received a reply ‘apologising’ for my not having received my business cards in the timescales for which I had paid.

Did they offer any compensation? Did they at least offer to knock off the postage? No, nothing of the sort. They said they’d send them again if I wanted, or refund me. Bit late as I’d needed them the week before, which was I paid for seven days delivery.

Suffice to say I won’t be using Vista Print again, they can’t be trusted to deliver an order in a timely manner.

However, it gets better. I received an email from Vista Print asking for my feedback on their service. Right, this is my chance to convey just how dissatisfied I am with them. I clicked on the feedback link, to be presented with this page.


Upon clicking the button, the feedback was complete.


I guess they just needed to know what language I use, rather than anything useful about their service.

Sums Vista Print up really. Their service didn’t work as it was supposed to, why would their feedback survey?

Darren Jamieson, aka MrDaz, is the Technical Director and co-founder of Engage Web and has been working online in a career spanning two decades. His first website was built in 1998 and is still live today.

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4 thoughts on “Vista Print complaints”

  1. I cannot believe how much bad luck you encounter in your life, it defies belief.

  2. “SirBigWig (26 comments) // Apr 30, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    I cannot believe how much bad luck you encounter in your life, it defies belief”.

    After reading your various” tales of woe”, isnt possible u mite have some sort of curse on ur life.

    For those who you dont believe in such things, just ignore this comment.

    For those of us do, it is very real, distructive and can lead to all sorts of unexplained events.

    There is however a solution, should u require it, as curses can be broken!

    Respectfully yours


  3. The company are rubbish. I ordered a product back in december but by february it still had not arrived. Upon checking the courier tracking number on their site it stated that the package had been signed for by someone I had never heard of. I emailed to enquire and was sent a replacement order, a week later and the same thing happened again. The package had been signed for by another person I had never heard of. I then asked them for a refund and am awaiting a credit. What I don’t understand is that both deliveries were delivered to my post code – that’s only 24 houses and not one of the occupants has the names that were quoted.

  4. I was just designing some business cards on there website and I found this post under related articles so cheers for the heads up.

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