Transformers don’t kill people, Americans do

I just heard on Sky news that there’s another public outcry trying to stop children playing with toy guns. The BBC takes a different slant on it, saying the British Government are in favour of boys playing with toy guns.

In guidance for nurseries in England, the Department for Children, Schools and Families says staff should resist a “natural instinct” to stop such play.

This has often been a source for annoyance to me, especially after the USA stopped selling the Transformer Megatron when he was reissued by Takara in Japan. The Americans don’t like the idea that Megatron is a realistic replica of a gun, a Walther PPK to be precise, yet in the stores that won’t sell Megatron in America you can actually buy a real Walther PPK.

Something’s not right there. What the yanks fail to realise is that nobody in the history of human kind has been shot and killed by a Megatron. You see, he’s a toy. Made of plastic. He turns into a robot. He does not shoot bullets.

Real guns however are not toys. They are not made of plastic. They do not turn into robots. They shoot bullets.

I’d suggest that America doesn’t ban Transformers, but instead concentrates on banning the things that actually kill people… Americans Guns.

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2 thoughts on “Transformers don’t kill people, Americans do”

  1. I agree. The N.R.A has said that “people kill people, not guns”.

    True, but have you ever tried killing people by merely going into a public area and shouting “bang! bang!….bang! bang!”.

    It does nt have the same effect as if you use a gun….

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