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You may remember a while back had an email from Nick Slevin offering to SEO my website. It was an unsolicited spam email that lead to a website that was under construction, as you see from the original post here.

Well, I’ve had another one today. This time the made up name on the email is Tracy Evans, but the message is the same, the URL is different, but the website is the same, hosted in China. See for evidence. Similar eh?

I can get your site to the top of a search engines listings.
If you’re interested, reply with the web addresses you want to promote and the best way to contact you with some options.

Thanks in advance,

Tracy Evans

This is SPAM. Tracy Evans, like Nick Slevin, does not exist. The website isn’t real, the company is just a spam merchant looking to steal from you.

If you’ve had an email from Tracy Evans today, from a company called, delete it.

Cheeky bastards.

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2 thoughts on “Tracy Evans from spams me up”

  1. It’s so funny! I had a spammy email from tracey evans offering to help with seo matters, which i had been working on. Out of curiousity, I looked at their site: “under construction!” I hate time wasters! You are providing an excellent public service!

  2. That’s bizarre, because I got a call today from the guy and thought it was for real. Even gave him some info and he gave me some back on my info request.

    Glad I saw this.. I thought this was for real. I’m not an SEO but trying to do it for my company so I’m learning a lot of stuff off of the internet. I’ll be more wary now.

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