Tonight with Trevor McDonald

I just received an email from Friends Renuited asking for people to appear on the ITV show ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’. The email contained the following paragraph:

ITV’s ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’ programme wants to interview Friends Reunited members about how life has turned out after leaving school.

The producers are trying to find out what difference going to College/University after school makes. If you are a university graduate who’s struggled to get a job or if you left school at 16 and now run your own business, the producers are particularly interested to hear your story.

Now, this has really pissed me off. Why? Simple, they’ve already made up their mind about the kind of program they’re going to make, and the conclusion to their show. That’s why they’re looking for ‘failed graduates’ and ‘self made school leavers’. That’s not journalism, or documentary film making. No, it’s propaganda of the worst kind.

Here’s our conclusion, now let’s back it up with some one sided interview footage.

I expect better from Sir Trevor. I would have thought he of all people would have no part in this kind of film making.

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