The final straw with my ex wife

The letter I received from the CSA today saying my ex-wife had disputed I’d made any mortgage payments was the final straw. I’ve just sent this to my solicitor.

Hi Kelly and Chris.

I’ve just received another letter from Kelly that is exactly the same as one Chris has already sent. Can you guys make sure you’re not sending me the same information as I’ve received duplicate letters from you both twice now. Obviously I don’t want to be charged twice for the same letter!

In answer to ETLP’s letter this time, I would like to point out straight away that I have not ‘changed my mind’ as they have suggested. Mrs Jamieson has reneged on the agreed offer in an attempt to get more money from me for her inevitable repayment to Direct Line. We had an agreement, she changed it.

I will obviously not consider her offer as the condition of the house has changed and the time wasted has caused me to accrue more mortgage arrears.

I would consider buying the house from her if she removes all 3 references that Kelly highlighted in the offer. I require this as I fully intend to help Direct Line insurance pursue Mrs Jamieson for the money she illegally obtained from them, and I wish Direct Line to compensate me for the depreciation on my car, and the loan I paid on it while it was in limbo for a year as a result of theirs, and her actions.

I also require the amount of arrears to be deducted from the offer I made to her, which means I will offer her £10,000 for her share in the house, the furniture and everything else inside. Including the items she has removed, the two canvas paintings and the two Michael Jackson jackets.

Furthermore she has once again lied to the CSA saying that I have not made mortgage payments on the house. The CSA being the CSA have taken what she has said as fact and have refused to consider my variations form, meaning I am having too much money deducted from my earnings. She must contact the CSA immediately and inform them that I have been making the payments from January – August. In addition if I buy the house from her I will of course be paying the arrears, which takes us up to date.

If she does not agree to all of this, without exception, the house will be repossessed with my blessing.

I can’t stress enough how serious I am about this and how I am FULLY prepared to let the house be repossessed. I have had enough of her crap, if she wants to lose the house then I will allow it to go, simple as that.

Obviously with regards to the CSA I merely have to show them mortgage statements to prove I have made the payments, but as they are so painfully slow and incompetent they will take months, if not years to correctly identify what I have paid. This is why she must do it. Immediately.

Please let me know what her response is as to be perfectly honest I couldn’t care less any more either way. I’m 50/50 on letting the house go and washing my hands of her.

Thanks for your time.


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