The Chav Car Anthem

This rap song is perfect for the chavs who love to defend their pimped up rides over at my Chav Car website;

This one’s for all of you Kevins out there.

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345 thoughts on “The Chav Car Anthem”

  1. [..YouTube..] chavs all wanna drive big bling bling cadillacs ad they see novas and honda civic’s etc as the closest thing too them wtf, i mean here in britain where all this nova hype happens. there are cars which look a lot like cadillacs and arnet that expensive so novas arnet the IDEAL car for a chav but it fits into the stereotype! also chavs dont wear much burberry anymore – its all about mckenzie carbrini and nike air max now –
    Google : People against chavs and the site you find is ace

  2. [..YouTube..] no fit birds drive pugs 9when the french cars work) and yeah saxo is the new nova “chav mobile”

    novas are now regardd (the not tarted up ones anyway) as a bonafide performance car now when stripped and tuned.
    wouldnt embarress my mates by driving them round in 1, but would embarress them in a race when stripped to bare metal with a tuned lump

  3. [..YouTube..] there is plenty of nova’s still out there, it’s just not many are standard now most now have a c20xe or c20let in them slammed alloys and bits and bobs (although some idiots stick stupid body kits on them) i have a standard one myself (well has a GSI tailgate on it and a GSI bumper to go on and has a SRI interior in) apart from that its standard lol

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