Tesco Manager is a Goblin

You may remember a previous rant about Tesco Express some months ago in Cardiff Bay, where the lazy bastards wanted me to use the self service till as they were too busy picking their noses.

Well, it seems Tesco in Wythenshawe is just as bad, if not worse. I popped into the Tesco Extra on Sunday night at 10:55pm, as they close at 11:00pm only to find the doors already shut. The security guard inside opened them for us, much to the dismay of the manager. When I say manager, he looked more like a goblin from a Tolkien tale and he had the people skills of one too.

He urkled over to us and muttered “Proceed to the till, we’re closing” to which I replied “You close at 11 yeah?”.

All he uttered back was “Proceed to the till, we’re closing”… hmm, clearly a great conversationalist. I tried again, hoping to engage the guy in some inter human banter. “But you don’t close ’til 11?”… his reply? Yes, you guessed it: “Proceed to the till, we’re closing”.

I’m not joking. It’s as if the guy only knew one phrase in English, yet he was Mancunian. He has to be the worst person in the world to be dealing with the public.


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2 thoughts on “Tesco Manager is a Goblin”

  1. yeah, that’s fair enough but I work In River Island and we shut our doors at about 5 minutes before closing time ‘cos otherwise people walk in and don’t leave for ages which means we can’t shut the tills, which means we end up stayin later than we’re put down for.
    If you need something than you should make sure you give yourself enough time to go and get it.

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