Tesco can’t be arsed again


I don’t believe it, for the second time in as many weeks I get some oik in Tesco telling me to use the self service till.

Now, if I wanted to operate tills when I enter a shop I’d have slacked off in school to such a degree that working in a tesco express was the highest achievement I could hope for. However, I don’t and I didn’t.

When I go into a shop, that has staff, is it too much to ask that the lazy fuckwits actually do the job they’re paid minimum wage for? I am not using the chavmaster 2000 self shoplift till, I expect someone to actually serve me.

If Tesco think they’re going to phase out tills in their shops, they can do so without my cash injection. Tossholes.

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3 thoughts on “Tesco can’t be arsed again”

  1. we made the self service tills so a customer does not have to stand in queues and wait to be served. As for slacking off school, i will have you know that many of our staff have degrees or r working their way through university. They just don’t want to show that they are stuck up their own arse just like you!!!!!!!

  2. A typical Tesco employee response. Your staff aren’t ‘working’ their way through anything. They’re barely ‘working’ at all. Try serving customers if you can take a few moments out of your otherwise ‘busy’ day of reading Heat magazine, picking your nose and texting your mates.

  3. Yes, Tesco is shit and I have had enough of their
    arrogance. Find me now in Lidl where prices are
    more sensible.

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