Stick that Sucka!

Recently I had a batch of custom stickers made up for the Chav Car website I got these stickers at a knockdown price (read free) because I knew a nice chap in the print industry. If however you don’t know someone who can help you out like this and you require some good quality Labels, you can always try one of the many online print companies such as Frontier Label, Inc.

Frontier Label

As with most companies offering a printing service online they have a quoting system where you can enter your detailed requirements in order to get a price.

One of the difficult things about dealing with printers is knowing all of the specific details with regards to preparing your files for printing. How to package them properly, embedded fonts, bleed areas etc. Luckily this site has a help section to advise you on how to get your artwork ready for them to work on.

Frontier Label also offers instant online tracking of your order, meaning you’ll always know the status of your order… so long as you have an Internet connection. I always do of course!

Of course the proof with any printers isn’t in the price, it’s in the quality of the printing. There’s no point saving money on a cheaper printer or using cheaper stock if the quality lets your company’s image down. Frontier Label have a section of the site where you can order a free sample pack to see just what sort of quality you’ll get from them.

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