Sports Direct insults Hillsborough victims

You’d think that a company that sells sportswear and is owned by a Football chairman (Newcastle’s Mike Ashley) would know not to insult the Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough in 1989.

You’d think, but you’d be wrong. Sports Direct ( sold a shirt to a Manchester United fan (obviously) bearing the number 96, and the words YSB Not Enough.

  • 96 is the number of fans who died
  • YSB stands for ‘you scouse bastards’
  • Not Enough refers to how Man UTD fans wish more Liverpool fans had died

So why did Sports Direct print and sell this shirt? According to them, they didn’t know what it meant. The Man UTD fan put some photos of his new pride and joy on Facebook, which promptly got his account shut down and a score of complaints directed at Sports Direct, who have since apologised for selling the offensive shirt.

This does beg the question, just what were Sports Direct thinking? They’ve certainly created some publicity for themselves online, but it’s probably not what they would have wanted.

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2 thoughts on “Sports Direct insults Hillsborough victims”

  1. This company employs youngsters , gets managers under 24 yrs old and basicaly because there are no real managers there is a lot of basically too many employees fighting for the spot. They are quick to fill in the rota to get the majority of slots to themselves. They walk over and take advantage of younger staff who are inexperienced to deal with it. My son only gets a shift when no one else is willing to do it and they need desperate cover otherwise he gets no shift, hes voiced his feeling of being used politely and these youngsters have ignored him and some ever snubd him making sarcastic bullying comments.
    I was told that they would give him shifts and would take the concerns seriously when they begged me to get my son there after college last minute emergancy. He had to walk home past sports direct to get home in uniform not eat and walk back in the pouring rain. This could of been avoided if they allowed them to keep uniform at work or passed the uniform for such emergancys. My son has been referred to has lifesaver and a good worker by one of their so called managers to my face. Then 3 weeks no shift, him going every day to check nothing at all. Again feeling used just and even though they spoke to me still and promised to make improvements they never did.
    I did advise my son to write to head office but he didn’t want to be bothered. I received a letter from head office asking why there where no record of him having any shifts for quite a while basically accusing him and stating they received no medical record. I was deeply offended not angry and typed up a letter of response there and then.
    I insisted on a proper reply even put in the recommendations but received no response (sent recorded delivery). Over a week later we got a call and it was Richard a so called manager and he asked him did he want to work, does he have a mobile even though they rang landline and have my mobile number.He pointed out that head office sent them the letter meaning its not been investigated or looked into nor have they considered my advice of putting in a mature manager over 40 yrs of age so he can be fair with the rota and deal with any problems instead of brushing them aside. I did think how on earth would they even want him back after the letter which was totally honest and infact kind compared to how they are behaving. Three weeks later still no call and we did decide maybe its best its clear hes not wanted and they are not competant even enough every single time. Today we got a call from Lee from sports direct, well thats what he told us, he asked me to get my son to call him back on a high rate number. Luckily my son walked in and I passed the phone, he asked my son if he wanted the job or not? My son tryed to tell him he got a call and was asked and he answered it and richard said he would ring back next week never did.
    Do you still want the job? Its your responsibility to come and check the rota ! When my son tried to tell him that richard said he would phone back to tell him when the shifts where Lee jumped in its not our responsibility to tell you when the shifts are we have over 80 members of staff. Then he said ring back on wednesday to check if you have any shifts.
    I was really annoyed seems like they phone coz they want my son to say no I don’t want to work. Its very clear hes not wanted but they don’t want to be held liable. I honestly don’t know why they keep messing us about and it is us because they involved me enough time, they didn’t mind phoning the landline or my personal number when they needed emergancy last minute cover when my son was in college, didn’t hear any its not our responsibility then. They also didn’t mind texting me his mother on my personal number also promising to improve things.
    Now if they said he was not a good worker fair enough we would be totally understand, if they told us they did not want him then thats fine but to play these games constantly with us. My son recently lost his mobile but even then they called me!!! He is always in waiting for the call. They didn’t even have the decency to reply back to my letter which I requested they do in writing. This is his first job and they spoiled it and ruined what should of been a enjoyable experience coz my son loves to work and had no problem with the job or the people. I totally blame the person who owes this company, hes too worried about making loads of money that he hires nothing but student and youngsters who can’t manage this company and he cares nothing for those who can’t be heard. In all this time I have never raised or used the race card infact I dislike it being used and its a last resort but I can’t help feeling deep down is it because hes not a white boy….he seems the only asian there when he was there, do some of the staff have issues with his colour and thats why they keep missing him off the rota. My son walks to town 40 min walk just to check the rota and the rota is never done the day they say it is done, always excuses not done yet. From town he checked all the time, went every day not done never on time. I put this complaint in also.
    We are on high rate with calls and 0844 numbers are on high rate, he gets paid very low minimum rate for a minor which he keeps not help out with the bills. We are a family managing on basic necessity and we shouldn’t have to declair this they should not expect us to keep ringing and wasting time on the phone (costs) just to be told the rota is not done, oh so and so was meant to be doing it…passing the buck every time. Why should he walk that far to be told its not done or if it eventually is done his names not on there not once. That hurt him lots of times!
    He won’t be going back but they don’t want him back and won’t tell him.
    They talk differently to me and more harsher with him on the phone its not on…..I was told that every staff has one shift a week at least, thats a total lie! There are staff there who are hogging all the shifts and taking as much as they can out and I know my son is not the first or last to be treated like this but the owner of this company is not taking any responsibility or over looking whats going on, I am going to try to reach him now…but truly I don’t think he will give a dam. We just hope he makes changes for other young students who are inexperienced first time secondary school leavers, these kids can not defend themselves, they are not equiped to.

  2. I personaly do not blame the staff, this is normal from youngsters under 24 yrs old, they won’t be fair they will hog the shifts and some of them are likely to be unreasonable. These are just kids…..and I explained that to my son….its sad that society is quick to brand youngsters and people of not working yet situations like this could of easily been avoided and in all sense this situation should of never happened just because fat cats want to make big profets.
    Not one of these memebers of staff could justifiy themselves or defend their actions with me on my level I am far older more experience yet they can’t hold their own. Yet they walk all over someone younger and take them on. I bring /brought my son up to respect people regardless and to forgive and let things go so no hes not been raised to argue with someone whos even wrong nor is it in his nature. If you can please get this information to the person who owns this company for me because even I do know have that much experience. Thank you.

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