Simon Billington, thickest person in the UK?

Every now and then I received emails from people who have been offended by the website They’re usually from thick chav scum who drive crap cars, naturally, and the quality of English in the emails is hilarious.

This latest email is from a moron called Simon Billington. This twat seems to think he’s Westwood, who’s also a huge twat, by coincidence.

I usually just put these emails up on the YourCarIsShit website, but I thought I’d expose this retard here, as I think he has a special sort of problem that can only be cured by laughter, laughter at him accompanied by pointing and sniggering.

Mate, you’re one of life’s losers. When I eventually meet you in person, and I will, could I get a Big Mac, large fries and a coke?

—–Original Message—–
From: Shit Web Page []
Sent: 24 June 2008 22:11
To: Daz
Subject: Message about

Your web page is up-doc m8 nuf sed in-it

word is bond

Best Regards

Mr S S Billington aka(da ofority)

u iz a cuny

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2 thoughts on “Simon Billington, thickest person in the UK?”

  1. Why would I not want people to see that? I made it and uploaded it to YouTube. It’s a video showing people how to make money.

    I’m guessing you don’t need that though, you just twat some old geezer over the head with a brick and nick his wallet.


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