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A few weeks ago I had my car keyed in the car park. These things happen, especially when the car park at work is used as a short cut for kids walking home from the local comprehensive school. The scratch was over 15cm long, which meant I couldn’t get it repaired on my inclusive insurance and had to pay for it myself.

Luckily I knew of Shine! Smart Repair, as I had used them twice before (perhaps no lucky to have to use them three times, but you get what I mean).

Here is a picture of the scratch on the car, taken before Christmas.


Here is a picture of the same panel of the car, after Shine! repaired it this week.


As ever, the guys have worked miracles. I often post on here when things go wrong with companies, so it’s only fair I do so when things go right (or go above expectation as they have here). You can’t see a trace of the scratch. I really don’t know how they do it.

If you’re unlucky enough to have need for any scratch or dent repair, I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. The cost of the repair was under £200 (including VAT) and the car colour is tungsten silver, so don’t worry about metallic paint, or complex car colours – it makes no difference to these guys.

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